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From a very young age I was always fascinated with female necks and more specifically choking them. I have a lot of stories of when I was younger and how I used to choke my one cousin who is slightly older than me and stories more recently of choking a few of my female friends.

The first time I can remember is when we used to have sleepovers. She was a few years older than me and quite a bit bigger. One time she offered to give me a piggy back ride. Of course with my arm around her neck I could not resist the urge to begin choking her. This time I did not take it too far. She told me to stop because I was choking her and I released her right away. Later on I kept asking for piggy back rides as an excuse for me to discretely choke her. I did eventually make this into a habit. Whenever we had sleepovers I would spend a lot of the time with her giving me piggy back rides and it would end up with me having her in a sleeper hold with my legs locked around her so she could not get away. I never choked her to tight but I did prolong it as much as I could.

She had a slot machine in her basement that she used to play on while I was over. It was up on a table with a bar stool in front of it. I would watch over her shoulder when she played. If you pressed the button too early it would make a ringing noise until it was ready. Sometimes you could wait and it would still do it. I used to complain when it made that noise. One time when it made the noise I grabbed her neck with my hands. I had my fingers in front pressing on her throat and my thumbs around the back of her neck. I choked her and said stop making that noise. I turned this into a habit. Whenever she played on it I would choke her almost every time it made that noise. Sometimes with my hands other times I would put her in a sleeper hold. I remember one time I took a wool sock that was laying around and choked her with that. I remember she couldn’t get her fingers under it and she kept trying to. She got mad because socks are dirty and kept telling me to stop but I really enjoyed her struggling and not being able to get her fingers under it because it was too tight.

We were playing Pokemon Stadium on the N64. There was this one mini game I could never beat her at and it was kind of frustrating, We were both on my bed laying on our stomachs with our arms over the edge. After she beat me in the last game I got on her back so I was kneeling with my legs on either side of her and she was pinned under me. I didn't know what I was going to do at this point then I saw a power cord I think was broken off a lamp we had thrown away. I grabbed that and tried to think of a way to wrap it around her neck that wouldn't be suspicious. I said something like this is your punishment for cheating and I spun it around each hand once and put it over her head. She was not in a good position to bring her hands up to grab it quick enough so I pulled it back and wrapped it around her throat. I never pulled it too tight because I didn't want to hurt her or leave marks that would give me away to our parents.

Another time We were in a guest room and there was a pair of nun chucks that I had recently gotten as a gift. They were the foam kind with a plastic core and a string between them that was only a few inches long. I don't know how I ended up working it so I had that part around her neck but we ended up that way. I had it so the string was in front and the handles were crossing behind her neck. I was pushing the ends together expecting that to pull it tighter around her neck. That was not the case because she could talk the whole time. I then turned it around so that the string was behind and I did the same thing and she told me this time it hurt a lot. So I turned it back around and this time instead of pushing on the ends I pulled them as if it was just a long rope. This time it worked but the string was far to short so I gave that up quickly.

One item in specific I remember we planned on pulling an all nighter because that was the cool thing to do at that age. We were at our grandmothers house and she was giving me a piggy back. This had become a regular thing. this time was different. I had gotten better at it for some reason and figured out to put my other arm behind her head not on top of it. On top of that I was less gentle this time for some reason or another. I had gotten behind her and put my hands on her shoulders which is how I would ask for a piggy back. I told her to walk into another room and when she was between the TV and the couch I wrapped my arm around her neck and instead of grabbing my other bicep with the hand on my choking arm I grabbed the wrist that was choking her with my free hand. She was able to get out of this and bent down a little so my feet touched the ground and I got off. I jumped up as soon as she stood back up. When I got on her back for the second time she expected I would choke her again so she sat down and fell on her back to get me off. This did not work and put me in a better position. I took this chance to keep her in a choke hold as long as i could. I put my one arm around her neck and the other arm behind her head and locked my arms in. I could feel that I had her wind pipe completely compressed. She struggled a little bit while I choked her but she was completely helpless. There was no way she was getting out of this.  I kept squeezing rather tightly and just as I released her for a moment to let her breath and keep from blacking out so I could choke her longer, her hands fell from my arm. I never noticed her unconscious but she told me she felt that she blacked out and was light headed. I stopped choking her for the rest of the day because I was nervous after that.

I used to be in a karate class when I was in elementary school and there was on girl I was close friends with up until college. I have several stories of choking her. Every 2 weeks we would switch what kind of defense we learned. One of them was how to get our of restraint holds. When I first heard that I was hoping it included some sort of choke hold. To my liking it involved several. One was a sleeper hold.

Since we were friends we often were partners when we practiced and I took every opportunity to put her in a sleeper hold I got. She would always tap my arm right away which bothered me and I would never keep choking her once she did. One time after class was over and we had just been doing that I came up behind her and said sneak attack and put her in a sleeper hold. She couldn't get out because I wasn't going easy this time.  Being nice I let her go. She said it doesn't matter if you did it for real I would just bite your arm. I said there is no way you would be able to reach. So she told me to try it. I began to choke her again and this time I made it tight so it was hard to breath, I made sure not to hurt her but I was slowly getting tighter and tighter until she tapped. I didn't let go and moved my arms into a better position and made it as tight as I could for several seconds. The second time she tapped I let her go. 

We also had to do things like make up our own once we got to a high enough rank. She had said she couldn't think of what to do and I suggested being choked from behind with a karate belt while on your knees. This was my ultimate fantasy of her. She didn't like it too much but since our instructor liked the idea and she had nothing else off hand I got lucky. We ended up only working together once. She made another challenge saying she was stronger and could just pull it away. To my delight that did not work.  She blamed it on the fact that its easier to pull than push. When we did it the next time I managed to get it wrapped around her neck and crossed before she could get her fingers under it to fight back and I pulled it tight enough that she couldn't get her fingers under it. I had quite a bit of fun choking her for these few weeks. I experimented with different ways to hold and sometimes having my arms crossed and sometimes not. I found the best way to pull the belt tight was to have my hands with my thumbs up and palms towards me with the belt crossing behind her neck and my arms not crossed.  This was hard to get into position quickly so I used to just hold it  naturally and put if in front of her neck then wrap it by crossing my hands behind her neck . I did this method the most because it was the quickest way to get it tight.

During high school after I had stopped doing karate and she still did I also used to choke her. I always wondered if she caught on to my fetish. Her locker was just down the hall from mine and she used to get on her knees to put things in her backpack. One day I walked up behind her to ask if she could help me with homework later and when I walked up behind her I pulled on her hoody a little bit. She said it choked her and kind of hurt. I said oh you liked it okay i'll do it again. For the rest of that school year I used to walk up behind her and choke her with my hands. I did this almost every day. I would grab her from behind with my fingers on her throat and one hand on each side. I used to choke her kind of hard and when she tried to stand up I pushed down keeping her on her knees. she eventually stopped kneeling and I gave it up because it wasn't the same when she was standing and I figured I had done it enough by now.

Later in life I was pretty close friends with a girl I thought was the hottest woman alive. She was a year younger than me and had a phenomenal figure and the perfect neck. We had been at a bond fire one time and another guy had tried to choke her and she let him. I didn't have a good view and it was kind of awkward. Later that night I told her about my neck fetish and how common a thing it is. This turned into a fairly common discussion for us.

One time she had asked to come over to play a new video game. The whole time I was trying to think of ways I could end up choking her. I even had specific things I left out in open places that she wouldn't notice or think was unusual but that I could grab at a moments notice. I had a belt a tie and a thick headset cable that was unhooked at both ends. I ended up telling her I had a dream the night before that we played this game and I ended up strangling her in it. I grabbed the cord from the headset that was right in front of her and wrapped it around her neck slowly. She was sitting in a chair and I was standing behind her. I had it wrapped so it crossed in the back but my arms weren't crossed behind her. I wrapped each end around both my hands once to get better grip and slowly began to tighten it. I told her in the dream I almost strangled her to death on accident and didn't notice what I was doing until her tongue stuck out and she turned blue. I said this in an attempt to get her to ask if people really turn blue so I could choked her longer in front of a mirror but she didn't ask.

She asked why I liked it instead and I really didn't have an answer. I took the cord off from around her neck and started to explain using my hands around her neck to point things out I liked. I started doing it from the side with one hand in front and one hand behind her. I gently squeezed the bottom of her neck and she coughed and I told her I didn't like that because it tickles the girl and the feel of the windpipe isn't as good. I then moved my hands up to the middle of her neck and gently pushed on her throat. This time she said it hurt. I moved my hands to the top of the throat just under her jaw and squeezed and pushed up. Right away her tongue popped out. I told her I prefer this method because it does not hurt the girl and it makes the tongue protrude which I find very attractive. So I did it again and squeezed until she made a noise and put her hand on my arm signalling to stop. I could squeeze much harder this way before it hurt her. Then I moved so I was in front of her and put my hands on her neck with my thumbs on her throat at the very top and pushed on her throat. I also lifted her a little bit and her tongue stuck out again and she immediately closed her eyes. I had my thumbs pushing very hard on the top of her throat and she had a expression of pain on her face. I felt like my thumbs and fingers were almost touching. her face started turning kind of a reddish purple. I told her and she opened her eyes and had a look of concern. I released her and that was the end of that, we went on playing and eventually she left and we lost communication eventually once we went off to college.
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