Choke Fetish

One time when I was in high school I was with my youth group. We played hide and seek. One of my friends kind of hot sister was the first to seek. Everyone was hiding all throughout the building. I was alone in a storage room with two doors between where I was and anyone else. I remember I had made a noise or sneezed or something and she came looking in the rooms. I was hiding in a cabinet that was sort of cramped and apparently the door was not closed all the way. The way we played is once you were found you helped look for people. Since she was one of the leaders she couldn’t get the prize for winning but I could. When we were walking out of the back room I had an idea to choke her. I had always wanted to because her throat was very visible. I grabbed her neck with both hands with my fingers in front and said if you tell me where everyone is I won’t choke you. She did not resist or fight it at all. She said that won’t get me to talk, you would have to bribe me with candy or something. Then I pushed on her throat with my fingers and said are you sure. In a slightly restricted voice she said no way. So I let go of her throat and wrapped my arm around her neck. I said I am going to strangle you until you promise to help me. I slowly tightened my arms as I held her. I was sort of walking back so we were next to a refrigerator that was against the side wall. My arms were so tight that she couldn’t breath at all. She never raised her arms or anything to struggle. She just let me choke her. I let go and pushed her back up against the refrigerator and put my hand on the front of her throat. I pushed back and up on her neck. I felt her Adams apple crush under my grip. She quickly pulled my hand away and said that hurt. I used my other hand to take one of her hands off my arm and grabbed her neck again. This time I pushed slower. She said I will never tell you. I let her go. I didn’t want to stop choking her because I was enjoying it too much and might not get another chance. I grabbed her from behind again and squeezed her throat with my fingers. She was out the first door so I pulled her back in and put her back up against the wall right next to the door. I choked her with both my hands on the front of her neck. I squeezed and pushed back and up on her windpipe. Her eyes closed and she put her hands on each of my wrists. I said this is your last chance, help me or black out. She tried to say something but my grip was too tight. I continued to strangle her until I could see her losing consciousness. I loosened my grip so she could breath. She said no matter how long I do this she will never tell me. I repositioned my hands more to each side of her neck so only my thumbs were on her windpipe. I pushed at the very top of her throat. Her tongue protruded out. The harder I pressed the farther it stuck out. I played with this for a little bit, tightening and loosening my grip and watching her face  express pain and her tongue stick out. When she got close to blacking out I started to lift her and squeeze even harder. I could tell she was getting close to passing out. I was enjoying this way too much to let go at this point. In the back of my mind I considered holding on until she went limp. I could feel her slipping away and out of fear I released my grip and let her go because she wasn’t going to help me. But I didn’t care. I was doing it to enjoy her neck.
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oh hot story....go 4 some more

This is a good experience........ keep writing.