Holding Became Training

I started thinking about taking my bladder to its limit in my early teens. But I didn't have the privacy to dare try such a thing.

When I went to college, I lived in a small rented basement room. Soon after moving in I did the tank up and measure thing. I really enjoyed the pressure, having to tighten my control muscles, and the feeling of mastery as I took myself past the point where most people would wet their pants. Then there's the slightly-buzzed relaxed state after I finally let out a huge ****. I was hooked.

At least once per week I would fill up and measure. My first time was 550ml. The very next time I hit 680ml. And soon 700ml was a regular hold.

From those times in my early 20s, I increased to about 850ml until quite recently. Now I often surf the net, especially Experience Project, while I am holding. Now I am distracted and sometimes erect ;) That helps me last longer and I have been reaching 950ml regularly. A couple of times I reached a litre.

holditmike holditmike
51-55, M
4 Responses Feb 7, 2010

a full bladder is the worst thing to waste

keep it up all of you. wish I had the privacy but these days work is far too busy. As a result my capacity keeps getting worse. :-(

Congratulations on successfully enlarging you bladder. Your story is excellent and encouraging. I am currently trying to stretch my bladder. Since I was a kid, I always have a fascination and fetish about holding pee until the bladder is about to burst. But, over the years, I have only practiced to intentionally hold my pee about 5% of the time. Now, I have a strong desire for discipline and willpower to always hold my pee until my bladder is hurting and stretching to the max. I would like to get into a habit of holding pee until I get pleasurable sensations and pain. As I am typing this, my bladder is so full and bulging. I love it.

I always look forward to the moment when I can't hold it any longer and the pee comes out like a slow-motion ***********. Just as exciting as sex, and it lasts longer. When it's over I can follow it up with the real thing.