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i am not really clever and I have to work hard to get my marks. I enjoy the study I have undertaken and I am happiest at university , I just don't understand the college and tafe marking system and its all weird when teachers tell you you have to pass one exam or you fail and the margins are set too high, compedancy based training is weird if you have to get 80percent right the first time on one exam. at uni the marking system is better for style of learning, but I have to admitt qut law faculaty didn't help my comprehension and many epeople complainede about the learning as did tafe - I hate the frustrations of that. it should be smooth and learning should be fun and enjoyable. I worry so much when I am studying, and marks suffer when I am stressed over it or assault . one day I would like to go back to uni but it will be a long long time not out of my choice but due to other people. I would like to graduate and enjoy what I study. maybe one day. i don't know what I will do. - life hasn't gone the way I planed or wanted. i just wanted a degree work in law, get marriedand buy a house and kids, but its just not ment to be now.I did something wrong, i had too high expectations.
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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

I can understand what you are saying related to stress becoming bigger than the pleasure to study. I had high anxiety last semester, in 2010. This semester I decided not to take any classes due to that problem. I thought I could build myself stronger (physically and mentally) and go back to school afterward. <br />
I agree that learning should be fun and enjoyable. Don't worry too much no matter what! It's an energy sucker! <br />
It's something I have to practice too: keeping cool and calm! I want to go back to school too. Yet I think till then I can work on my good habits and study on my own to practice study skills and methods.<br />
And don't say you aren't clever: everybody has a pack of things they are good at and a pack of things they are less good at. <br />
So enjoy some autodidact studying while you're not in school maybe!