Just saw TFIOS with a friend... who like doesn't eat! (I was dissatisfied with the movie but that's not the point) so we got there and I got a large popcorn with extra butter for us to share, but she didn't eat any, a large coke icee which I refilled, a box of junior mints, sour patch kids, lemon heads, and cookie dough, and ate ALL of it! my friend didn't eat anything, so as we were leaving she asked if we could stop by McDonald's because she was hungry. of course I said yes. I got a Big Mac with large fires and a large dr pepper! I am so stuffed, and it feels good!
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4 Responses Jul 5, 2014

Is your appetite continuing to grow? :-)

Awesome! You'll be 200 in no time! :-)

What is TFIOS?

the fault in our stars...

Ah, ok.

It sounds like she wants you fatter! :)