My first experience with a black guy was different than I expected. On the web the guy was a CD/TV. We arranged to meet at his place. I dressed in a short skirt, peasant blouse, etc. I loved the drive with the windows down. Pants have to be the devils doing. Skirts are unbelievably comfortable and airy. Men not women should wear them. I digress. I got to his place, a nondescript house that he was renting. He lived in one room, which is crazy if you have all kinds of space to work with. He was aggressive versus shy. He was not in the least a CD or a TV. Notwithstanding my disappointment, I stayed a while. Why not? He was hung and wanted to take advantage of me.

Why do guys think they are the ones taking advantage? I love **** and ***. So who is taking advantage of whom, I ask? 

I toyed with him gently stroking his **** absentmindedly as he talked about the internet. He got nominally harder in the process. Why black guys don’t seem to get hard, but rather just stay big is a mystery to me. That has been my experience, so shoot me if I am wrong. I took off my lacy panties, held his wet **** in my hand, and inserted it in my *** as I sat on his lap. We moved to the bed, where he shoved his **** in my *** while I wrapped my legs around his head and pulsated my anal muscles. That drove him so crazy he blew his load before he wanted to. He rolled over and fell asleep

More accurately, he blew his load before I wanted him to. I wanted his big **** in my mouth when he lost control. Oh well.. The trouble with most guys is that they don’t have much staying power. You can’t get *** ****** and face ******, so you either have to have a bunch of guys to play with or you have to choose.
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I understand, but at least you got some nice bbc! Chocolate is so delicious. ;)

butt at least you got that booty call.....