Adult Thumb Sucking...

Not quite sure when I restarted suckin gmy thumb. It was soemthign I did when very young, probably before the age of ten, and then I hadn't done it for years and yeaers, until maybe the last year or so, now in my thirtys, and I've started to occasionally suck my thumb again.

I'm right handed, but seem to 'naturally' want to suck my left thumb, I can't remember which I would suck when very young; Sometimes I'll suck it during the day, just when I'm reading things, listening to the radio, browsing the net etc., and something its just when I'm thinking or concentrating on something.

I've also started, occasionally sucking it at night, though I've as yet to wake up with it still in my mouth... I've been trying very hard to ensure I don't abscently do it when I'm in public, or near/around oather people..
eusarian eusarian
31-35, M
Dec 14, 2012