Suck Other Sissies

just love *** being a sissybitch and its a big turn on to suck other sissy!1 my Mistress once had four other lady friends and their sissies over.i was dressed as a pink sissy without any panties on with a short pink satin dress that showed off my sissyclitty!got to suck all the other sissies and they sucked me off to so hot and sexy!later Mistresses took turns to **** all the sissies in their sissy *******!!!just love the chance to be with other sissies and to get to suck each other off!!
mandiejune mandiejune
51-55, M
5 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Mandiejune's story is making me ********** now. I would love to suck off other sissy's also everyday.

Well, I don't like it one damn bit! The thought of a Sissy sucking another Sissy is the most perverse thing I have ever heard! I mean, what the hell is the world coming to? I better not catch any Sissy I know sucking another Sissy's ****, unless I say so. Come On people, get with the program! :)

Sissy 69 has to be the ultimate! Always works for me.<br />
love you Mandiejune, i´d certainly like to swallow your sissycum.<br />
love Josie x

oh mandiejune, you are such the sissybitch!!<br />
god bless you & plz plz plz keep posting!!

mm mm, I luv sissy boy **** too :). I could just suck on it for hours.<br />
Thanks for sharing this exciting experience .