My First Knicker-sucking

 When I was 12 and at school, my bezzy friend Carla and I were lying on my bed, talking about our latest sexual activities - ************, and playing with boys ***** etc., - and we sort of agreed we weren't that keen on boys and that maybe we were into girls. Now, usually, we used to lie on my bed, chatting about these topics and **********, but we had never played with each other. I can't remember now who made the first move, but we started to caress and fondle each other, squeezing **** and rubbing each other's ***** through our panties. This day, we had been into town, hanging out with our friends, drinking coke and mucking about lots, and after had come back and shut ourselves in my bedroom.

My parents were in, but they never disturbed us - fear of two hormonal teenage girls sufficient deterrent. We were certainly beginning to enjoy our mutual frotting, and there was a lot of squirming and wriggling going on, when suddenly without warning Carla started to pee. Her panties quckly got saturated and my fingering hand was soaked with the lovely hot warmth of her ****.

Embarrassed, she started muttering apologies, but I quickly reassured her that it didn't matter, and that since I still bed-wet ( I had always done so, but only accidentally, so my mum thought, whereas in reality I had stopped having accidents at around 10, and now peed the bed deliberately, as I loved the whole feel of it), it would be ok, and that they would think I had had one of my "accidents"

In itself Carla peeing was surprising, but what then happened quite shocked us both. Whether it was her peeing or the heady scent of her ****, I don't know, but suddenly there I was, my head between her wet thighs sucking the soaking-wet fabric of her cotton panties like a woman demented. I couldn't stop myself, and loved the salty taste of her stale ****. Equally amazing was the fact she didn't stop me, but clamped both hands on the back of my head, and held me tight to her wet ****. Soon I was pulling aside her wet panties and licking her wet **** and tonguing it to ******.

Then she took off her soggy knickers, and having asked me did her **** taste nice, and getting a very enthusiastic agreement, she lifted them to her mouth and tasted her own drying ****. We agreed, there and then that we liked it, and she had me **** mine, so she could suck my panties, and we became permanent lesbian lovers thereafter, enjoying many pissy wetting sessions throughout  our teens, up until we lost touch, when she emigrated with her parents to Australia. 

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So cute but so sad too x


What is especially Hot about that is that you two were only 12 years old when you first sucked pissy panties and tasted your first ***** together!!! I was only 12 when I sucked my first ****, though it was a much older man but I must say, I did Love it!!

OMFG, that is the Hottest story I have read on here!!! I envy you so much being free and adventurous enough to do something like that! I'm a guy but I also Love to wet myself and share **** with my bisexual wife and several of our girlfriends who also Love to play **** games. And sometimes we will all just take turns laying down and letting one of us **** all over the others, then that one will lay with the rest and another one will stand up and **** all over the rest and so on until we have ALL had a turn standing over the group and ******* ALL over them. And Not JUST on the crotches...we Love it ALL over our faces and in our mouths so that the beautiful warm **** Covers our ENTIRE BODIES!!! Then we'll all just lay in a pissy pill and lick and suck each others bodies and lick that delicious warm **** off each other's ***** and *****! I'm also bi and sometimes we have other bisexual guys join the **** party too!! Then it gets Really HOT because the guys will take turns sticking our ***** into one of the guys or girls ***** or ******** and ******* INSiDE them!! Then we get to **** that back out over the group and have them drink and lick us clean!!!

Hot story!!

super hot story! loved it!

you are quite the lady and were quite the kid

That is a very hot story and makes me so hard to imagine two girls doing that to each other .I do love to smell my wifes **** and love to lick her before she has showered her ***** has a slight pee smell that drives me insane and makes me want her even more .

mmmm so hot and sexy and so yummy as well. Awesome story and wish that would have happened to me

What a shame you both lost touch - such a touching story!

That is very nice indeed. I hope you have a good tasting girl to replace her.

Love it.....would u like a pair of my pissy knickers??

man i sure would like to try that though i would encourage you to empty your bladder inside of me as I`ve always liked to DRINK pee.Personally I don`t know how you couldn`t like pee,well at least wetting yourself feels alot better than wasting it in the toilet.It`s winter in Canada now so i don`t pee myself in public so much.I would love to be,say in a bus shelter,and ask a women if she minded if i pee my pants.If i got a positive pesponse than i would press my thighs together and pee myself forming a nice pool between my legs then grab the straw i usually have and drink up yummy yummy in my tummy,after it went in my mouth of course enjoying the delicious taste to the max.Pee is a yummy drink especially if it`s watered dowm by lots of beer.

That is one hot story.Are you still in to girls or go both ways?

She migrated to the right place, you shoulda followed her! I bet she was too hot and wet, and breathless from orgasming, to remember to write, yeah?? Eat your heart out, and wash it down with a few mouthfuls from a juicy *****...mmmmmm! ;-P

Mrslcb4rP, what are you doing here?