It's Necessary

Being in the modeling profession, it's a pretty good idea to have an even tan all over one's body. That leaves nude sunbathing, and tanning bed (also nude) as options. I will tan either way.
AddieBaby AddieBaby
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4 Responses Jul 28, 2010

sounds like a sane approach, let me know when and where you go to the beach

So true...models have to be evenly tanned with no tanlines. That all over tan is luscious, but can be quite exciting seeing those tan lines....

Some days when I work from home, I'll take the cell phone and laptop out on the deck and tan nude. Only one neighbor would have a view of me, but they both work office jobs during the day so the risk is low. Sun on my nude skin feels so good.

There's a job requirement which I could live with.