Sunbathing In Panties

I love to feel the warm sun on my body and love to sunbath topless. I can usually only enjoy the topless part at home in the backyard or over at friends houses who have a pool, thats whats so great about being a girl you can be around other girls and sit around in just your panties topless and its normal, if only my friends knew how much it turns me on to be around them when we are all just wearing panties. While at a park laying on the grass I have on several occasions taken off my skirt, shorts or pants and layed there in only my bra and panties, its such a thrill knowing I am laying there and anyone who walks by can see my in my sexy panties and bra, they probably think I am just wearing a bikini, but I do not go around wearing a bikini everyday under my clothing so when the mood hits me and I want to enjoy some sun on my body I just slip off my skirt, shorts or pants and lay back in only my panties and bra soaking up some sun.
apantygirl apantygirl
22-25, F
Nov 28, 2012