Reaction Or Desire

I fantasized about sucking **** for years, and about having mine sucked by another guy for just as long. Having mine sucked by a guy happened first.

That first experience being sucked was in itself was transformational. Although it occurred in a setting that I would not like to repeat, and it was anonymous, it was all the same an incredible experience; one where I've had to separate the actual experience from the feelings I had after it was over, because they were at odds with each other, but that's another story.

In this case, I was in an adult theater standing along the wall, along with a whole group of guys, watching the movie, but also hoping for a little action of our own (although in my case I was nervous and feeling awkward since this would be my first time). A hot middle-aged guy came in and walked down the row of guys, feeling crotches, looking at faces as he walked. He was wearing a cotton plaid shirt with no sleeves that was totally unbottoned, exposing a littly furred torso that was obviously the beneficiary of some time in a gym. He had piercing eyes, short cropped light brown hair and a couple days of scruff on that strong sexy jaw. His arms were well muscled, ripples with protruding veins. I practically held my breath as he momentarily paused in front of me, groping my crotch, staring intently into my eyes, then turning to move on, but letting his hand linger on my crotch. He suddenly turned, and dropped to his knees, unzipped my pants and adeptly withdrew my now rigid **** and immediately engulfed it in his hungry mouth.

His mouth felt better than anything I had felt before. It was hard for me to keep my knees from buckling as the pleasure coursed through my body. He never stopped moving his tongue, and just sucked and bobbed his head. Suddenly he undid my pants and let them drop, and then worked his hands up and down my legs, up my abdomen and chest, around my *** and up my back, all the while he kept sucking and bobbing. I didn't want it to end, but he clearly had other ideas. I whispered, "I'm going to ***," and with that, he quickened his pace and sucked all the harder. In no time, I was spurting into his mouth and he never stopped, nor did he allow one drop of my *** to escape his mouth. To my amazement, he kept going, and with his ministrations, I reamained hard and in short order gave him another load. By this point I was weak-kneed and wishing that we were lying naked in bed.

After he finished licking me and sucking me dry, he stood up and hugged me, squeezed my **** and thanked me. Thanked ME! I sputtered my astonished thanks, as his hand lingered on my chest while he started to walk away. Suddenly he turned, enveloped me in those awesome sexy arms and whispered in my ear that I was hot and desirable and that he hated to leave. WOW! Between a mindblowing ******* where he swallowed every drop, and then that compliment. I knew I needed to do it myself.

So my question was whether I'd want to swallow or not. I knew I wanted to do it, but wasn't sure whether I would or not. I wasn't sure whether it is a choice, or if it is just a natural reaction to swallow what is being shot into your mouth and then ram-rodded home to the back of your throat.

It was months before I had my answer. Giving my first ******* is chronicled elsewhere in EP. But what I have learned is that while swallowing MAY be a natural reaction if the **** is all the way in one's mouth when it starts spurting and shooting down your throat, what I actually prefer is for the **** to shoot as it is withdrawing so that it shoots on my tongue and in my mouth -- never outside my mouth. I love the taste, and then, yes, it really is a choice to swallow. And I CHOOSE to swallow.

There's nothing like the feel of a **** on one's tongue, and in one's mouth as you cup the guy's balls in your hands and take his load as he's groaning for it. Nothing. I'd like to do that every day.
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5 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Local friends for that purpose would be great! Nothing like the exchange of protein between friends!

Hey you can always eat your own load. I love the taste of mine.

Multi, I can only WISH that I had access to a lover who would offer that to me every day... once a week... once a month... good grief! I need a lover!

What ! you dont already do that daily after that experience.

Strangely I'm rock hard now.