Over The Years

When i first started sucking other guys when I was a kid, I didn't like to swallow. I would spit it out unless they insisted on me swallowing. After my marriage fell apart and i started seeing men again, the first time I sucked a guy he said "take it..take it all!!!!" and I did and OMG I loved it! I don't know what changed but now I can't wait for that creamy, salty reward! I had a quick encounter with one of my guys last night..he didn't have much time. He said "you choose what we do, but let's make it a quickie". I knew he meant he could either **** me or I could suck him off. I chose to suck him 'cause I wanted that *** dripping from my lips, and boy did he give it to me!
biboi biboi
41-45, M
8 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Mmmm! Damn! Sexy sexy!!

Sometimes you just have to make a decision.

Gross ----

Nothing like a quicky. Just swallow.

That's why it makes sense to have a third man.

Nice :)

cool !!! ( :

Tough decision! I'd have gone for blow too.