First Time Swallowing ***!

I am a married man who recently sucked my first ****. I am 47 and he was 70. It was amazing. I loved the way it felt and tasted and can't stop thinking about it. When he came, he was ******* my face really fast and deep. I couldn't tell any difference between his *** and all the saliva in my mouth. Maybe it shot down my throat. Is that normal to not really taste or feel the ***? And it turned me on more than I have ever been turned on. I later *********** while it was still fresh on my mind and had the biggest ****** ever. Very intense and a huge load. I can't stop thinking about his ****. I want it again so bad. Is it normal to have these feelings? I guess I am Bi sexual, maybe I always have been. My wife wouldn't understand so I have to keep this a secret. But I know that would lead to divorce and I definitely don't want that to happen. I wanted to blurt out to her today that I sucked my first **** but I can't. I want to share my experience with someone because it made me so happy and so excited. If any of you have experienced this let me know how to deal with it. I want to keep sucking his **** and he wants it too. We both just have to be very discreet. Please give me advice if you can.
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2013

You are so lucky to find a man to do that with. I too love to suck **** and have it fill me up but as you I am married and my wife would also divorce me in a heart beat if she knew how I felt about ****. and the pleasure it brings me. Good luck.

Thanks for your reply Bosco. I contacted the man the day after but he said said it would be a few days before would could hook up again. He is much older and also married. So we both have to be very discreet. I've been in one of the adult theaters but it was kinda gross and creepy. I just couldn't bring myself to that. The thought of STDs and all made me leave. This guy wants to hook up 3-4 times a month. Right know I want it a lot more often.