A First Time For Everything

Yesterday I swallowed my first load. It wasn't the first Bj I have ever given but it was the first time I had a guy *** in my mouth.

I met him through craislist. We exchanged emails and we live in the same town. We decided to meet and just see how things worked out. We met in a parking lot last night. When I approached his car he had his **** out. It was a nice one, I can tell you that! Big, thick... very thick! After a quick introduction I got in the car beside him. I took his **** in my hand, it was hard with a soft spongy feel to the head. I stroked him and we made small talk. After a few minutes I bent over to take his **** in my mouth. It was the thickest one I ever had. I had to open wide to get it in. We didn't have much time and I wanted to be sure he got a chance to ***. There was nothing fansy, just me working up and down his **** hard and fast and wet. It took me about three minutes before he said "Its coming", it was his warning to me but I didn't want to stop. I pumped my head harder and faster until I felt him push it in and start to squirt. His *** tasted nice and I swallowed and licked the last few drops from his ****. We said good bye, he seemed happy.

He hasn't answered my email today. OH well. Guess he just thinks I'm a worthless **** sucker. It was nice while it lasted I guess.

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take what you can get im *** starved i luv to swallow too haven't found perminent **** to suck yet its been way to long but i can rember them all fondly mmmm

I'll always remember the first time I swallowed ***. Like you, it wasn't my first bj, but until that day, I never had to nerve to swallow. This time, I started to suck a beautiful big **** through a glory hole, and the man on the other side stopped long enough to lean over and ask me if I wanted to share a booth with him. I was hesitant, but then agreed. We both came out of our booths and found one without any holes. I got down on my knees, pulled down his pants, and continued sucking. When I heard his heavy breathing after a couple of minutes, I decided I couldn't stop this time and pull my head away. He also grabbed me head with both hands and held me tight to him, which I liked. Soon, he started squirting in my mouth. I let it all come inside, down to the last dribble, before I swallowed in one gulp. I gave him my number before he left, and about a week later he called me. This time I went to his apartment, and he ****** me. This was my first **** ever... and my last. It's not that I didn't love it. I did, but I'm scared of AIDS. He came in my *** and I never wanted that to happen again. But God, it was wonderful.

Love your story

Just Sill Stuff U old **** sucker . Long time no talk 2 . What s new & exciting ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Joie Bee

I would love to do that too!!!!!!!!

I can help!

he must be a dumb SOB,, <br />
<br />
you gave the perfect treat,, and he doesn't understand what he is missing

i love girls like you :)

Since he sees you as a s lut he'll probably call you again when he wants his d ick sucked. That doesn't mean you're a worthless c ock sucker, ***** serve there purpose too ;)<br />
<br />
You bring us guys great pleasure a lot of the times.


When i have a guy's **** in my mouth, i always like looking up at him and saying, "You can *** in my mouth if you want".

Taking the load is really nice. No need to try and time it right, just let it happen.

I've talked to some of my **** buddies and they all agree: they love cuming in a mouth. The feeling, they say, is pleasurable unlike anything else in the world. Just ******* off doesn't have the same intensity or connection. They let me suck them because I let them *** into my mouth and then I swallow.

I don't care who puts their mouths around my ****, just so that he or she, or they do it! I just want to be able to reciprocate, either by eating ***** or sucking ****... I love them both!

Sounds bout right to me

WOW! Sounds great! Gave me some wood for sure. I worry about STDs and HIV, but would LOVE to do what you did!

JustSillyStuff I C U R at it again !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice job!! Congrats!!

Yummy yummy yummy I have *** in my tummy!!