Swallowing ***

Let me start by saying I am an avid *** swallower. If you have read any of my previous stories you know I sort of have an addiction to a mans ***. I truly love everything about it. As a young girl a boy told me that swallowing this mysterious white cream would make my breasts grow. He also told me his "thing" would make lip gloss for my lips. LOL. But that is another story. Well at the time I hade no breasts to speak of, only fat puffy nipples. I took the advice to heart. As a teen I learned I really liked the feel ad taste of ***, and I liked to feel it go down to my belly. It is a feeling like no other. I have never done the whole glory hole hopping thing but secretly I would get off on it I'm sure. Sucking and swallowing a bunch of faceless men's *****. I am a lucky girl though. I have a husband that puts up with my obcession. I suck his **** as often as I can. He let's me suck on a few select friends also. I really need *** all the time. I'm sort of like a man in the fact that I am alway thinking about it. :-) I will even stop during sex to make sure I get my ***! Even if it's shot on my ******* I will slurp it up!
Shancy Shancy
22-25, F
18 Responses Oct 19, 2009

There is nothing like a woman who truly enjoys sucking ****, the feeling it gives when a girl has a passion for it is amazing.

Just think of all the *** spurting, oozing and shooting thinking of you! TONS BABY!!


i cant stop pumping my **** to ur stories !

Can i get a go lol? Add?

try snorting it

would you drink a glass of ***?

Mmmm, SO good.

god, i so need to find a *** addict like you.<br />

you can suck on my **** any day shancy even when i have my uniform on x

Sha, with your addiction combined with those incredible nipples your just perfect! My preference is to come on your ****. Direct my **** to a nipple and create a bridge of *** to the othe nipple!.. Check my profile photos' of a kindred soul. She had 4 guys deliver their load at once! Up for something like that? Bill in Va.

When they legalize cloning i'm going to nominate you for sure!!!

Very sexy story. My gf is *** crazy too. It's awesome having a woman suck load after load out of me. Perhaps someday I can watch her suck other men as well. Thanks for sharing.

Do you snowball with mate and then swallow about half the load? So intimate when two swallow together!

If HBO wants to create a spin-off called True ***, you and I can star in it. You don't have fangs do you? That could be painful.

A Protein Cocktail. It's good for a body! '-)

Wish my wife was like you. Would love to have someone eat my ***

You are my kind of girl.