My Swallow Dream Comes True

I had thoughts for years about having oral sex with another man but was too shy to actually find someone.  I read on line stories about glory holes, and thought that might be a way to start, to see if I liked it.  I searched until I found an article about some real locations.  One was near Parkersburg, WV about 6 hours from my house in VA, but I decided to make the trip.

I bought tokens and went into one of the booths and watched videos for awhile until someone entered the booth next to mine.  The hole was big, about a 4 by 6 inch rectangle and I could see him sit down, drop tokens, then lower his pants and shorts and stroke his ****.  I got so excited, I leaned toward the hole and he saw me.  He waved his hard-on in my direction and asked if I wanted "some of this".  I almost couldn't't get my voice to work, but managed to say yes.  He stood and walked to the hole and put his **** through.  Suddenly, it hit me that this was real and not a story.  I was shaking and thought I might pass out with nervousness but decided, and dropped to my knees and put my mouth around his **** head and gave it a lick.  It jumped in my mouth and I was hooked, and pushed down onto it and began to bob my head just like the girls do in the **** movies.  He told me he was about to *** and to pull back and jerk him off, but I said "no" when I pulled off briefly, then pushed back hard and drove his **** deep and sucked hard until he started to spurt in me.  It felt so good to have a living hard, hot, pulsing **** in my mouth, that I swallowed everything he gave me.  He said thanks and I told him he'd taken my mouth cherry and he laughed as he left.

I watched videos awhile and ******** off as I got hot.  Another guy came in, saw me naked from the waist down and dropped his shorts and came to the hole with a bigger **** than my first one, maybe 7 inches.  I knelt and started sucking and licking and he got very hard and was trying to push deep in my mouth.  He suddenly pulled out and asked me to stand up.  He reached through the big hole and gave my smaller **** a few strokes and I moaned out loud.  He said to turn around and squeezed my *** cheeks a bit then said bend over and back up here.  I was a bit scared but in such a frenzy that I did it anyway.  He told me to push hard against the wall, then put his **** at my virgin hole and pushed.  I felt the tip start to spread my tight sphincter, got scared and pulled away.  I turned around and sucked him off instead.  After that I left because I was shaken up, but it's been a few months and its all I can think about now.  I hope to find a glory hole in Virginia and maybe have a bit more courage the next time.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Since I am fairly new at sucking and swallowing, my next step is to discover a way to find willing guys in Virginia who will let me get good at it.

Sounds hot....would love to try that as well.....<br />
<br />
Been with guys, and sucked and swallowed.....just never in a glory hole....hmmmm<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing...