Not His First Time

I was at a park that I love to go to and lay in the sun naked.I had a blanket laid out,and just finished putting on some tanning cream.My **** was hard from rubbing it in.I saw someone watching me.I played wiyh myself some more to see if thay stayed.Thay did so I streached out with my legs apart.After a while I rolled over so my *** was in the air.He came out of the bushes and sat on my blankett.I asked if he liked what he saw?He said that he was a vergin and didn't know how to ask for sex.I told him if he wanted sex he should take off his clothes and lay next to me.To my suprise he did.I let my hand fall on his leg and he stiffened up.Relaxe and enjoy the feel.You never had a bj I asked?No he said.So I moved into position and put his **** in my mouth.I could smell ***** juice and taste it on his ****.I like sex with both sexes anyway.He kept looking over to the bushes .I saw a gril watching.She wanted to watch him get a bj from me.He was starting to *** so I let the tip of his **** rest on my lips so she saw him *******.I swallowed it and licked his balls Milked his **** dry and asked if he wanted me to **** him now?He jumped up grabed his cloths and theyran off.I laughed as they ran, laid back and enjoid the sun. 

Berrney Berrney
56-60, M
Mar 7, 2010