I Like To Get Wet In My Clothes

I love getting my clothes wet, weather it's under the shower, bath tube, pool or beach etc. I don't care, i love the feel of wet clothes. In fact i had a shower this morning in my clothes, i do it every morning. Every summer you will find me at the beach swimming fully clothed, it's the only way to swim. And there is nothing more fun then swimming in your best outfits ie. suites.     

H20Hutch H20Hutch
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4 Responses Feb 17, 2010

Short skirt, nice loose blouse, and panties ! Perfect for a swim in the sea !!!!

I'm lucky, as I only live a short walk to the beach, so it is great in summer as I sometimes walk home still wearing my wet skirt. So sexy............

It is just a great feelin, eh? IT'S ****ING FANTASTIC TO ME!

I went for a swim in the see in a lovely soft velvet shirt last year in cyprus it felt so goood ;-)

I love wetlooking