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"i Don't Like To Feel Exposed While Swimming!"

I was a young girl with a women's body at the age of twelve.
I struggle with that greatly as it drew lots of unwanted attention.
I never had an issue until I wore a bikini for the first and final time.

Its a funny story now but horrifying when it happened.

It was a sailor style.  White and blue striped bikini bottoms, with a white tank style bikini top with a sail boat on it.
It was really cute.  Anyhow I wore to the local pool.  I am a fish in water and love to swim.
I jumped in off the diving board and up came the top.
Luckily I could swim well enough to stay under until I repositioned the top.
But came up to lots of laughter and pointing.
I climbed up the ladder not looking at a single soul.
Walked with my head up straight to my towel.
Wrapped it around me and walked home.
I have never worn another bikini since.

And the unwanted attention only added to it.
From that point on I wore a t shirt over my bathing suit always.
And still do to this day.

I am long past being able to get away with wearing a bikini now.
But the incident allowed me to help my girls pick a really good suit that won't come up if she dove off the diving board.

I feel exposed without a shirt on over top of my bathing suit while swimming.
snowberry75 snowberry75 36-40, F 10 Responses May 24, 2011

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Children can be cruel, and teenagers are even worse. I'm sorry that you had this terrible experience, but it seems you have grown from it, and used it to help you girls. I salute you.

I was tubing one time and when I wiped out I lost my suit. Thank goodness we were at a lake and my suit did float to the top. I was stuck in the water for a while with nothing on.

Bikini's are terrible that way. I'm sure that has happened to so many people, but it doesn't stop you from feeling totally traumatised by such an occurrence... I used to keep checking to make sure everything was covered before I came out of the water for that very reason. Most times now I wear a once piece swimsuit, it's safer, lol...

My wife and daughters never wear bikinis and never will. My precocious 10 year old sneers at teens in bikinis as engaging in "mating display".<br />
When my daughters want to be daring, they say something risque. When my wife wants to be daring, she schedules some time alone with me in the bedroom. They are not interested in letting strangers view their bits.

Aww snow...I'm so sorry... :( I have lost my bikini top in strong waves in the ocean and even had a few fellows untie me in pools and it slipped away but I was a stubborn lil monster and just folded my arms over my boobs and marched over to a towel. Plus I wasn't built all that big... so I don't think folks paid as much attention. You're AWESOME in helping your girls pick out suits that stay in place tho!!

I think I can undersstand how horrible the experience you describe was for you. At least as well as any man can.<br />
It obviously left you with a lasting social fear.<br />
I think it's slightly sad that you couldn't find security in a full swimsuit as you describe for your daughters, but if it takes a shirt to make you feel comfortable then so be it.<br />
At least the traumatic experience didn't stop yoou from going in the water.

There are times a person may want to expose themself - in the right place with the right people. But feeling exposed when you don't want expose yourself - - - this is indeed another matter. There are folks around here who are very open in some ways, and very discreet in other ways...

I agree, thanks for commenting.

I find it kind of a sad story, that fashion demands bikinis, which only cause so many women so many problems. I'm glad you feel comfortable in your own skin, though maybe a therapist could argue that your need for a t-shirt is a hint you're not.<br />
But I also wish we could relax our silly ideas about what swimwear should be. Oncology is helping, but it's slow. And be glad you don't live in Europe, where signs at pools demand that MEN wear small swimwear, so you can bet a t-shirt would make a lifeguard blow a fuse...<br />
So I swim outside, where I can wear everything and only get a few chuckles. : D

LMAO Im sorry but that is such a typical man thing to say. (shaking my head) Aye aye aye MEN LMAO<br />
I can be comfortable in my own skin without flaunting it silly.

thats such a shame snowberry, you obviously have very nice breasts. you are denying yourself of being free and letting presumptions rule how you look at yourself and how others look at you. besides you are denying guys like me to see Have a good day and i do hope one day soon you can be comfortable as a sexy woman, along with all of your other attributes