Robbie Douglas Changed My Life

I grew up during the golden age of television, I enjoyed watching such programs as "Ozzie and Harrriet", "Leave it To Beaver", and "My Three Sons". In fact, it was an episode of "My Three Sons" which changed my life. I was in the 6th grade when I saw a particular episode in which the character, Robbie goes out on a date with a pretty blonde and the two end up standing near a fountain. Robbie's date wants to kiss him and he is very much surprised by her advances and he becomes disoriented and falls in the fountain with all his clothes on.

When I saw Robbie in that pool, I felt a great sense of vicarious embarrassment for him but at the same time I was fascinated by the situation. It became something sexual to me but I didn't know anything about sex. After much thought about Robbie's wet experience, I thought I might want to fall into the water myself in the presence of a pretty girl. Therefore, I hatched a plan to go playing in a nearby creek with Charlotte, a girl with whom I had an extreme crush. One day I convinced her to accompany me to the creek and in the course of a day's play, I fell in the water in her presence and I was completely soaked. In spite of my embarrassment, I got a great thrill from the experience.

I don't know why I enjoyed my wetness so much but I probably had a wet clothes fetish and  in addition to the fetish, I probably had a need to be dominated by a beautiful girl and the fact that I fell in and she didn't demonstrated some dominance on her part.

Many years passed but I still kept the memory of my wet day with Charlotte in my memory and each time it came to mind, I would experience a great deal of sexual excitment.  I really wanted to again get myself completely soaked in the pesence of a beautiful girl but the conditions would have to be right in order for it to seem sexy.  To enhance the sexual thrill of my wetness, I would have to be alone with an attractive female and she would have to be responsible in some way for my getting wet.

After college, I began a career in an aerospace company and I worked closely with Erica, a beautful and highly intelligent young woman  Erica had beautiful black hair and a face that would make an angel envious.  Furthermore, her body looked as if it had been sculpted by Michaelangelo!  Of course, a girll like Erica would most certainly have a boyfriend and she certanly did.  In fact, she lived with her boyfriend and they were planning a wedding in the coming months.  All my male co-workers and i lusted after Erica every day but we knew that we would never get into her pants.  So I began to think of a plan in which I coiuld fall into the water as she watched.  At least I could experience a bit of sexual plesure in my wetness even though I would have much prefered to have normal intercourse with her.

As the months passed, I began to work with Erica on a regular basis and we became very close.  In fact, our brains became so closely tuned that we began to finish each other's sentences.  Every day as I interacted with Erica, I began to feel myself falling deeper in love with her.  I began to be less attracted to her incredible beauty and more taken by her goodness, sweetness and kindness.  I was certainly in love with Erica on all levels but I knew that I would have to keep my feelings to myself because I was well aware of the fact that Erica's love was reserved for another.  If all Erica was able to give me was friendship, I was eager to accept it because I could still be in her life even if our relationship was purly platonic.

After we finished our first year at our workplace, our supervisor was greatly impressed by the effort that Erica and I put forth in our jobs so he decided to trust us to do something very important.  Erica and I were asked to travel to Seatle to make a presentation to some VIPS at Boeing.  We were to spend three days on our businees trip and we would meet with the Boeing people on two of those days.  I desperately wanted to impress Erica as well as Boeing so I prepared for the presentation for days before we left.

Upon arrival in Seattle, Erica and I settled into our respective rooms at the Hilton in nearby Renton, Washington.  The accomdatioins were luxurious but we had little tome to enjoy our surroundings because we were determined to make a flawless presentation.  Therefore, we rehearsed throughout the evening and late into the night until we felt we could do no more to improve our presentation.

Early the next morning, Erica and I called a cab and went directly to Boeing headquarters a few miles away.  As we arrived and inspected the venue in which we were to present our talk, Erica and I became very nervous but soon after we began our presentation, the "butterflies" disapated and we became very calm and forceful.  Apparently we made quite an impression on the Boeing folks because they were ready to sign a contract with our company on that same day.  It was normal in those days for companies like Boeing to wait days or weeks to make decisions concerning suppliers but the fact that they decided so quickly on our company led Erica and I to believe that we had done a fantastic job and our supervisors back home whole heartedly agreed.

When we returned to our hotel, it was time for Erica and I to celebrate.  After changing into some casual clothes, we went to the dining room in tne hotel and ordered a fine meal of steak and lobster.  Upon finishing our great meal, we made our way to the hotel bar and ordered a number of cocktails.  After an hour of heavy drinking, I was feeling a delightful buzz but Erica seemed totally drunk.

I felt that it was time to leave the bar but Erica was still wanting to party and I had a tough time convincing her to come with me.  But after a bit of persuasion, she agreed to return to her room at least until she could sober up.  As we walked toward our respective rooms, we passed by a large indoor swimming pool  where no one was swimming.  Then Erica Said, "Let's go swimming!"  To which I replied, "We have no swim suits."  "It doesn't matter, our jeans will do."  Erica replied.  It was then that my sweet memories of Charlotte seeing me fall in the water as a child came to mind.  I was so very turned on when I became soaked in her presence so many years ago.  Could I feel the same thrill even on this day withErica if I fell in the pool?  If Erica got wet too could I experience the same sensation in my wet clothes.  All of these things were going through my mind and my heart began to race.  Then I got a mental picture of what Erica would look like in her wet jeans and clingy top.  Her tight jeans would probably cling even tighter to her incredible body and the seat of her pants would most likely ride up into her crack.  Then her snug-fitting white top would probably become somewhat transparent as it became soaked.  So I was ready to see what would happen next.

Erica suggested that we take a running start toward the pool and jump in together.  So she placed her purse on a table that was near the pool and I did the same with my wallet and then we made our dash toward the water.  As we neared the edge of the pool, I noticed that Erica had stopped short so I did the same and only my heels remained on the edge.  "Why did you stop?" I asked.  "I chickened out!"  Then without saying another word, Erica gave me a firm push and into the pool I went and as I stood in the chest-deep water looking up at Erica in her dry clothes, I could barely contain my joy and excitement!  Erica had done just what I had been dreaning that she would do.
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Good story, enjoyed reading it.