My Soggy Trip To Florida

When I was 16, I vactioned at Panama City, FL with my parents. It was late August and school would be starting in about ten days. I dreaded the thought of going back to school but I knew it was inevitable. I had a great time that summer as I hung out with my friends while I tried to impress girls. In fact, I wanted my best friend, Doug to go with me to Florida but he was busy with football practice. Doug was a decent athlete but I stunk at all sports and my lack of athleticism made me feel emasculated. I didn't think any girl would look twice at me but I had no idea what I was in store for me as my week in Florida began.

As we unpacked our car at the Americana Motel in Panama City, I was taken aback by the beauty of a girl my age who had also just arrived. I tried to strike up a conversation with her but she didn't say much. Later in the day, I saw her again and I found out that her name was Jill and she was from Illinois. This time I did have a short conversation with her but our talk was punctuated with nervous laughter and periods of awkward silence.

After our converstion ended, I went to our room and changed into my swimming trunks then headed for the beautiful white sandy beach. I had not been there long when I saw Jill headed toward me in her swimsuit. She looked more beautiful than anyone that I had ever seen. Her long black hair perfectly framed her beautiful face and her body looked perfectly sculpted. She was so appealing that I had almost lost my ability to speak but I did manage to say hello as she approached me. Then she said, "Would you like to hunt for shells?" I struggled to make a sound but after a long pause, I said, "OK."

For about thirty minutes, we walked up and down the beach but we found only shell fragments. Then someone told us that the best time to find shells was at daybreak. With that advice we parted company and we vowed to meet each other on the beach on the following morning.

I didn't get much sleep that night because I was so very excited about the prospect of shell hunting with Jill. After several hours of tossing and turning in bed, I finally fell asleep but my slumber was of short duration because my alarm clock rang at 6:00 am. When I awoke, I looked out of the window and saw Jill already on the beach with a bucket and shouvel. She was not wearing her swimsuit, she was wearing jeans so I slipped into my jeans and tee shirt and joined Jill. She actually looked more sexy in her tight jeans than she did in her bikini and I could hardly keep my eyes off her fine body.

After a few minutes of searching, we had almost a full bucket of Atlantic bubble shells and a good number of scollop shells but the real prize among shell collectors is the "king's crown" which is very similar to a conch shell but much smaller. We looked dilgently for a "king's crown'" but we had not seen one until the sun had fully risen. Then I spotted one in the midst of the surf. A big wave had brought it to me but before I could grab the prize shell, the same wave took it back out. Therefore, I began to follow the "king's crown" as it headed out to sea but just as I got it in my grasp, I heard Jill yell, "Look out!" But it was too late, another large wave cut my feet out from under me and I was completely covered by it. When I stood up, there was not a dry spot on me and the wave had also forced sand into my pants legs!  However, I did hold on to the "king's crown" and I presented it to Jill as soon as I regained my composure.

Of course, I was quite embarrassed as I stood before Jill in my wet clothes but at the same time, I experienced an unusual pleasure.  Somehow the feel of my soggy apparel against my skin excited me and made me feel as if I had accomplished something.  Jill was very kind as she viewed me in all my wetness, some girls might have laughed but Jill looked at me with a sympathetic smile. 

I don't know why my unexpected soaking was such a source of pleasure and satisfaction but I assume that I must have a wet clothes fetish.  Although my thrill seemed much more intense than just the result of a simple fetish.  Perhaps I had a need to be dominated by a beautiful giirl and the fact that I got soaked and Jill did not demonstrates some dominance on hers part.  Furthermore, my act of chivalry as I disreguarded my own safety when I retrieved the prized shell for Jill may have also added to my pleasure.  Any number of things can bring about arrousal and it is probably impossible to analyze every sexual stimuli so it is best to just enjoy one's sensual pleasure rather than trying explaining it. 

Some people might refer to my need for wetness as a perversion but if it is indeed perverse then it is the most harmless sexual deviant act in history because it harms no one and it can be a source of amusement to others.

After my wet experience with Jill, the two of us became inseperable.  Perhaps she felt some obligation to me because of my willingness to help her find a prized shell at any cost or maybe it was even possible that she liked me to some degree.  What ever the reason was for her marginal affection for me, I was delighted to be with her and share some wonderful experiences.

I rented a motor scooter and we cruised from one end of the beach to the other while stopping at such attractions as mini golf, go carts and the "Miracle Mile Amusement Park."  In fact, it was at the amusement park that I won Jill a huge teddy bear at  an arcade but I probably spent much more than what the bear  was worth in the games of skill.  I just couldn't believe that someone as absolutely beauiful as Jill would spend her every waking hour with me but for some reason she did. 

In addition to the amusement parks and the mini golf, Jill and I sunbathed, fished and swam together, and in the evenings we ate in nice restaurants with our respective parents.  We enjoyed the fine foods from "The Fisherman's Warf," "Pineapple Willie's,"  "Captain Andrew's" and many other exceptional eateries.  With so much time spent in Jill's company, I discovered that her beauty was only exceeded by her incredible sweetness and I fell completely in love with her.

Much to my disappointment, our week finally came to an end and Jill and i only had a few more hours to spend together.  After we ate dinner on our final night, Jill and i went to the pool area of our motel and shared a lounge chair near the pool's edge.  I sat down first and spread my legs and Jill sat between my thighs and I cautiously began to rub her shoulders and back.  I didn't know for sure if Jill wanted me to rub her but soon I knew that she was enjoying my massage because she urged not to stop.  I was so very happy that I was giving Jill pleasure so I carressed her ever so gently for more than an hour.  Jill then looked at her watch and discovered that it was almost midnight so she got up, said goodnight and to my great surprise and delight, she kissed me three times. Then she said, "I'll see you in the morning."  No girl had ever kissed me before and I felt that my life had risen to a new and wonderful level!  At that moment, I was happier than I had ever been or ever would be.  My joy was so complete that I still have no words to describe it, the one term  that comes closest to conveying my feelings at that point is "euphoria."

As Jill began to walk away, I wasn't ready to end the day so I said, "Jill, let's have one more swim."  "It's too late," she replied, "and besides, my swimsuit is already packed."  What I really wanted was to go swimming in my clothes so I said, "We don't need swimsuits because our jeans and shirts will do."  With that said, I began to shove Jill toward the pool and she started to scream with mock terror.   As we reached the pool's edge, I grabbed Jill and swung her out over the water then back around to the safety of the solid ground.  By this time, my heels were hanging over the edge and only my toes were planted on dry land but I still had a firm hold on Jill's fore arm.  In self-defense and meaning no harm, Jill pushed my chest so that she might get free from my grasp and as she did, I fell into the pool!  I had no intention of pushing Jill into the water and my getting soaked had been my intention all along!

As I stood in the waist-deep water in my wet jeans, shirt, shoes and socks, I felt the same thrill that I experienced when the wave knocked me down earlier in the week.  I was so excited that I didn't know what to say as Jill looked on in distress and began a heartfelt appology for pushing me in the pool but I just smiled my biggest smile and she knew that she had nothing to dread.  We then shared a good laugh and we headed to our respective motel rooms.  As we finally said good night, Jill hugged me tightly and got herself fairly wet and then she kissed me one more time.

When I got to my motel room, I had a difficult time explaining to my parents how i had become soaking wet for the second time in a week.  I just mumbled, "I fell in the pool'" then changed into my pajamas and went to bed.  As I laid in my bed, sleep was a long time coming because I reveled in all the exceptional events of the week and my joy was hard to contain.

I saw Jill one more time the next morning as we ate breakfast together and then we said our long good-byes and kissed once again.  We exchanged addresses and phone numbers and we did write and talk on the phone regularly for several months but a long-distance relationship is really hard to maintain.  I would have gladly continued our relationship forever but a girl like Jill had so many options that it would have been foolish to expect her to carry on such a relationship beyond a few weeks or months.

Some organsms live only a few hours and others live just days, and I like to think of my time with Jill in Florida as a miniature lifetime.  In just seven days I experienced more thrills than one can expect in a life lasting 100 years!
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61-65, M
Jan 8, 2013