Hot Showers

Sure beats the hell out of a cold shower...

Arorin Arorin
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32 Responses Feb 9, 2010

I can make tacos, fajitas, and nachos!

Oh yes I love food too..can you cook up some Mexican food? Haha that's all I eat lol

A way to my heart is food! I love noms! <br />
<br />

????<br />
<br />
And okay

is it now? I think food is caring.<br />
<br />
Because you are the one who wants to know my secret maybe you should send the message?

Sharing is caring :P<br />
<br />
And hahahha I see..why?

lol I knew you had it in you. <br />
<br />
You told me to send you a message. I said that is to much effort on my part lol.

I think you need to make your headline say that you's mine so they'll know aahaha...I guess I can share :P they deserve to get sweet comments from you too pshhh<br />
<br />
I am confused hahaha

lol well I have a lot of friends for you to say that too, and some of them are pretty big!<br />
<br />
To much effort on my part..

Nope you's mine :P<br />
<br />
Hhahaha a secret? I wanna know!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

lol I am sure there is enough of me to share. <br />
<br />
Well I know what would but it is a secret.

I am gonna go to every single friend of yours and tell them that you're mine because you can only provide one person friendship and it's only for sucks for them..they need to scram bahahaha<br />
<br />
And I am trying pretty hard today but like usual it never works

well I am waiting on it!<br />
<br />
lol nope not yet.

oooh you bet I will!<br />
<br />
And in the name of keeping you all to me-self I just might :P Are you blushing? Hahah sorry I had to give it another try

lol I am sure you will think of something!<br />
<br />
Might mean you have to come and hang out with me up here.

Yay now I have to hatch an evil plan to get all these people off of your profile :P humm..I'll come up with something..eventually..muhahaha<br />
<br />
If I get you all to myself does that mean I have to comment on ALL of your stories? That's gonna take me a while and I'm not sure I can sit long enough to do so..

yes keep it all to yourself!

:P I'll keep the secret all to myself and then hopefully no one will talk to you and I can be your "best-est" friend ever muhahahahah<br />
<br />
I'll have your friendship all to myself :P

no one!

Humm... I dunno who would you like me to tell?


I might have to tell a few people but they can keep the secret so don't worry :)


Okay I'll keep it on the DL hahaha :)

just dont tell no one..

Humm really? :P You're a sweet person :)

I might know a lot more then you think I do. I have a pretty good gift. It is more likely that you just cant understand how or why it is I accept you for you, but I do.

That's because you don't know me that well yet hahah

You seem just fine to me.

:P me toooooooo I am sorry I am so crazy...You think you can put up with me?

lol well i am glad we both agree on this.

I agree!!!!!!!!! lol