My shower can get real hot depending on who is sharing it with me.

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10 Responses Mar 4, 2010

...And it will last long into the next morning.

Mmm Im I can picture you and me in the tub, lots of bubbles, a little wine, candle light, some soft romantic music playing in the background. Sounds like a perfect evening.

It does. and LOL!!!!

Mmmm hoping it has jacuzzi jets ;)

Same here baby and the tub too honestly. I was thinking about you in the bubbles lol. MMMMM

Mmmm cant wait to share the shower with you darlin!

LOL I share the water, soap on the other hand I love and I love soaping up my man's back and shoulders and rubbing my body up and down the suds.

Ooooh. And mine are dirty, especially if someone else is hogging the soap and water.

Uh uh!!! I didn't do anything irant. lol

Yeah, and you're going to be the reason I need a cold shower! ;)