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Nacked Butt Injection

Presently i am a girl of 16 years.I got this injection on my butt when i was 14 years.That day i was forced to go to school even though i was having high temperature fever.My head was acheking very badly.I tolerated the pain till 1st period but it was unberable till 2nd period so i told it to my class teacher.She gave me medicine and called to my home,but there was nobody at home and the medicine also did'nt worked well.So,the class teacher imformed it to the principal and the principal decided to take me to the hospital.At that time there was nobody was free except raj sir(my maths teacher).He was a guy of about 26-27 years.He agreed to take me to hospital.As we reached hospital we took the appointment and that was of after 2 minutes.We waited and finally our turn came.As we entered the cabine doctor asked what's the problem.Sir replyed she is having fever.Doctor stood up and said that i need to take your body temperature first so please raise your skirt till waist ,remove your inner and panty and lie down on bed facing your butt towards me.Till that time doctor took out a rectal thermometer.I felt shame and did'nt obeyed the instruction.Doctor saw at Raj sir and told him to remove my skirt,inner and panties.Raj sir then quickly raised my skirt and removed my inner and panties.My butt was totally nacked in front of the doctor and raj sir.I was feeling very shy.Then doctor placed his hand on butt,largely opened it and inserted the thermometer in my butt.After some time he rad the temperature and comfirmed that i was having fever.He than took his sthescope and started to take my checkup.While chekup he raised my shirt and inner.After checking me he said that to secure you from flu i must give you tablets or injection.Then he asked what would you like to take 20 tables in 10 days or 5 injections and tablets would be slow.I quickly replied tablets than raj sir interupted and said injections would be better for such a naughty girl.Doctor agreed to his statement saying that 'yah injections will be good for her'.I said no specially not on my butt.Doctor said to sir that kindly prepare the girl for injections.Sir started coming to me but then only i stood up from the chair and ran from there before i may step out of the cabine doctor locked the cabine,then sir caugt me.He hardly placed me on the bed.He turned my butt towards him and started to remove my skirt,inner and panties.Again my butt was nacked in front of the doctor and sir.I said no not on my butt.I was not in control.Sir then thrice tightly slaped my butt and said let me give you a punshment,then only you'll be in my control.Then he said to doctor that instead of 5 injections let us give her 6 and that would be of titnas.Doctor said ya i'll give 6 of the injections on the butt.He approached near to me i was still shaking for not to get any injection.The sir sightly pinched my butt placing my butt in his lap.I felt so ashamed that my butt was nacked in front of a 26 year teacher.As the doctor injected 1st injection in my butt i shouted noooooooooooooo....................After every 5 minutes doctor injected me with a injection.After getting all the injections we came back to school.After 2 or 3 days 'sir said in class that i would punish the girls as i punished rashi means that getting your butt nacked in front of me to cane,as i punished rashi insted of a stick it was injetion'.Then the whole class came to know that i got nacked butt injection in front of him.It was so embrassing.
rashijangid rashijangid 22-25, F 5 Responses Jun 4, 2012

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Never had a shot in the butt.Whats it like?

It's moderately painful and can be embarrassing, depending on how you react and if anyone else is in the room aside from the doctor or nurse.

SO SAD i also have many memories of butt injection really embarrasing ones

me too

I think you teacher and the doctor enjoyed themselves too much. Couldn't they see you were embarrassed?

I feel soooooooooooooo bad for you

Apart from bending over receptionists' laps for my shots in the doctor's surgery, my most embarrassing experience was a house-call when my girlfriend was visiting. As the examination didn't require me to undress, she was allowed to stay, for which I felt grateful because I was afraid asking her to leave the room would mean a buttock injection and she would surmise the reason. What happened was even worse. He made me roll over, bared my bottom and gave me a shot back there with her watching!

i had the same experience when i was 17 years was very embarrassing situation for me... when the my mother hardly placed me on the bed and she turned my butt towards doctor and started to remove my skirt,inner and panties....and the injections i got was very much painful my butt was sore for many days i was even unable to sit.... still recently i got 4 shots in my butt i can't even bear the pain.....

oh poor saropari