Injections In My Bottom

In my youth and adolescence my only fear of injections was how I would get them because I deemed shots in the bottom childish and humiliating (I had to bend over the receptionist's lap) but now I insist on all injections back there, especially when given by a beautiful nurse.
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

I had never heard I'd such a thing as having to bend over a nurses lap for a butt shot; an RT, perhaps. For a butt shot it is proper to either lay on the exam table on the tummy or over it depending upon the size of the patient. But being over a nurses lap is popostrous!
When I was around nine, I ASKED to have one in my butt because I thought it would hurt less.
In my early teens I had a high fever abd went to the children's clinic and had a shot in the arm. I probably would have requested to have it in my bottom had there not been others in the room including a little girl, and had I known it would be so painful. the medicine dispensed looked like skim milk and it felt like dental novacain!
When I played doctor one-on-one I would give both shots and temperatures OTK but in real life, I was over the lap of my parents when I was small and on the table from the time I was nine or ten.