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Naked By The River

Last Monday I went to the valley where I grew up. I live about 10 miles from it and was longing to see the fall beauty of the area. Since it was a warm beautifuI day, I wanted to go to a part of the river where I spent numerous days on hot summer days as a child. As I drove into the valley I drank in the sites of cows and other farm animals grazing in the fields, the green trees, beautiful flowers, and the rolling foothills of the Olympic Mountains. Ah! It brought back many memories. I knew exactly where I wanted to go. I continued driving along the straight stretches and sharp corners until I arrived at a large creek that goes into the local river. I pulled off to the side of the rode, looked around, and got out of the car. As I walked around the car and back over the bridge I had crossed, my eyes caught the exact spot where I wanted to go. First, I couldn't resist looking at the stream, the sun shining on it made it sparkle like diamonds... the water gurgling as it rushed along winding its way to the river. I walked down the creek bank over rocks, while admiring this peaceful rural setting. It was so warm that I decided to take off my clothes. What better place to do this? In nature. I could see the road and a few cars drove by intermittently, but I didn't care. I walked up a small bank where the ground was covered with hay and into a grove of trees with multi-colored leaves. This was the perfect spot to get naked. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and took off my bra, letting the warmth of the sun envelop the top part of my body. It was such a sensuous feeling that I unzipped my pants and took them off along with my panties. Here I was so close to the road, close to where I played as a child, and totally naked. What a rush! I never thought I would ever have this opportunity. I felt like Eve must have felt in the Garden of Eden. I basked in the calmness....thinking,..dreaming...then back to reality. I walked back to the towel on the ground where I had placed my clothes. I didn't want to put them on, but knew I had to get back home to fix dinner for my husband. I slowly put on my clothes, walked back to the car, got in, and drove home. It was exhilarating to be naked in the Pacific Northwest on such an awesome autumn day.
cheryl56 cheryl56 56-60, F 44 Responses Oct 23, 2011

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that sounds like a lovely experience - it's so good to walk naked outside

Great story!

A well written story. Hope you have enjoyed the same since then.

Wonderful story Cheryl and so very well written. I'm thrilled that you shared it with us. It's great being able to share the experience of being naked by that beautiful river with you, even if its only in my imagination.

And would have been great to see you their too.

Just enjoyed your story, Cheryl! Nicely written. Makes me feel like I was along with you on that beautiful day...

Aah! the Olympic Mountains! One of the more beautiful spots I have ever been to. I have also been naked there and it was great. There were a number of other people around, but no one cared, which was also great.

Great story Cheryl. What a wonderful way to spend the day. It sounds like it was very pleasurable and very exciting too. I'm really pleased that you enjoyed the experience. Thanks for sharing it with us here.

Sounds perfect. I with I had more opportunities like it. They seem to be few and fleeting so I make sure I cherish every second. Sounds like you made the a wonderful memory in a special place.

You write so beautifully, I felt like I was right there with you. To be naked in nature is, indeed, a most exhilarating feeling. Wish our society was not so uptight about it.

Thank you. It was an exhilarating feeling and kind of scary too. I was afraid someone I knew might go by on the road. I really had no reason to be afraid except some of my family still lives nearby.

Well written C56. I could picture your every move. My wife and I love driving along roads which parallel rivers, here and abroad, finding places where we can pull off the road and go skinnydipping and basking in the sun. Good for you!

Thanks Foto. I enjoy driving along a river too and stopping whenever something catches my eye.

I also grew up on a farm, but we had wide open fields. We had neighbors on all sides even though they were about an eighth mile away. I would go to the hills behind my house, but didn't get naked. I played with my cousins and we'd explore the woods and a waterfall that was behind my cousins' home. I have such happy memories of the time spent in my neighborhood...the fields, trees, creek with a waterfall, behind our home, and river in front of our home.

Sounds like a perfect day! Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. A lovely trip down memory lane recapturing happy days by the river and getting naked too; I can't think of a better way of doing it! Sounds like you had a great day!


Fun story! My wife and I always seem to find places to pull off the road in our travels. Many rural roads wind their way along rivers. Look for pullouts!

There are pullouts by the river along this valley road. People love to park there and fish. Others swim and have picnics too.

i loved reading this! i can so relate! thanks for sharing!

You're welcome. It was such a lovely experience.

did you think about going into the river and skinny dipping? i would have jumped in, i think!

Yes. I did think about it, but it was fall and the water was too cold. If it was summer I would have gone in the water. I used to go swimming there when I was a kid.

Hooray for you ! Good to feel that "being in the perfect spot for being naked". I have been to a few places where that would have been good to do that .. but probably was afraid to do it.. So nice to know brave and daring women exist in this crazy mixed up world. I was in the service near Seattle and went to Mt. Baker for a camping trip many years later. It is one of my stories.. it needs two more chapters of that trip.. I will get around to that one of these days.. I was on the Mountain 4 or 5 days. <br />
Took a ferry to Whidbey Island and went to one of the beaches on the Olympic penninsula the last day.

I know what you mean, nothing like be out nude in a beautiful area soaking up the sun.

A most beautiful read and well written! I commend you for having the care free bravado to divest your clothing and be one with nature in such a memorable place from your past? Most of us would not have the nerve or self confidence to allow ourselves to do so?<br />
<br />
Beautiful story and thanks for sharing.

You described it so well, I could envision that spot. It sounds idyllic :) Thank you for sharing. I hope you get more opportunities like that in the coming year!

I'm happy you had the freedom to make such a great memory for yurself

Good for you. I love this story the first time is really the best, but everytime after is still an adventure. Do it every change you get.

Nature and natural is beautiful! Those are my favorite subjects to photograph!!

What a great story Cheryl, its amazing how little it takes to recharge your batteries and feel great again ......

From time to time my two daughters and familys rent a house on the Oregon coast and weather permiting everyone will spend some naked time on the beach, sometimes the entire family.

That sounds great. I hope you get more chances to be naked in the outdoors.

I am so glad yo had this special day. I loved your story. Welcome back to childhood. You are the best.

Thanks MS. It was a very special day.

Thanks for your comments. It was such a fantastic feeling and such a peaceful atmosphere. I will do it again in the spring or summer. It's too cold now.

cheryl56,<br />
<br />
What a wonderful story. I have done similar things like this. What a wonderful feeling.<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />

Sounds so peaceful. I am happy for you.<br />
<br />
Love, Hadar