Naked For A Pregnant Lady

It was a beautiful day and I just had to get naked somewhere. The first chance I got, I slipped out of work and headed to my favorite park. After I parked my car, I took off my work clothes and put on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and tennis shoes. I locked up the car and began walking down the paved jogging path. Eventually, I came to a spot where the path split, one part headed around a small pond while the other went off into the trees. Once I was a few feet down the path into the trees, I stopped and removed my shorts. I stood there, enjoying the feeling of the warm air on my **** when I saw someone walking towards me on the path. I moved behind a tree and watched as an amazingly attractive pregnant lady walked towards me. When I realized that she had reached the split in the path and decided to walk into the trees, I turned and hurried up the path.

About fifty feet down the path, there was a small clearing. I moved into this space and found a comfortable spot to continue my afternoon jacking. I put my shorts on a tree branch and turned to see if the woman I had seen was still on the path behind me. My heart skipped a beat when I realized that she was only a few yards away from me now. I grabbed my shorts and moved into the trees a little so that she couldn’t see exactly what I was up to. Usually, I would be looking for some way to make sure she saw me stroking my ****, but something about flashing a pregnant woman just didn’t seem cricket.

After a couple of breathless minutes, she walked into the clearing. She looked around for a second or two, then saw me and said hello. I was pretty well hidden from the waist down by a fallen tree and a strange looking bush, so I smiled and said hello. She looked around and said that is was a great day for a walk in the park. I agreed and moved so that she could not see my fully erect ****. After a few seconds of awkward silence, she leaned forward a little and tried to see behind the tree. I turned away and she said that whatever I was doing was perfectly all right with her. In fact, she was hoping that I might let her watch. I looked at her in amazement and said of course she could watch. She rubbed her swollen stomach a little and said that ever since she had started to show, her husband had lost all interest in sex. I remarked that I had heard of such a thing, but that as beautiful as she was I could hardly believe it.

I moved out from behind my cover and finally let her see my **** and balls in all their glory. She smiled and moved a bit closer. She looked up and made eye contact with me and asked if I had been ************. I nodded yes and she asked me to continue. I stood there slowly stroking my hard on as she watched. She never took her eyes off my **** as she told me that this was the most sexual thing she had done in four months. As she watched me stroke, my eyes wandered all over her body. She was in great shape. She had great legs, a round firm *** and gorgeous, 36 DD boobs. The second D she told me was complements of the baby to be in her tummy. Even seven months pregnant, this was one very hot woman.

As I neared my climax, her nipples grew harder and harder. When I realized that she was enjoying this as much as I was I thought I would go crazy. She moved a little closer and asked me if I was about to come. I barely managed to croak out a yes and then started to shoot spurt after spurt of ***. A small bit splattered on her leg, so she reached down and scooped it up with her fingers. She stood close to me, playing with my *** on her fingers as I finished my climax.

After a few minutes, she thanked me for the show and turned to leave. She stopped at the edge of the clearing and told me she hoped that the ****** she was going to give herself when she got home was half as good as the one she just watched. She took a few steps and then stopped again. She told me that her doctor had told her that exercise was good for her and the baby, so she was going to try and walk a mile or two in this little park as often as she could. I watched her walk down the path and move on towards the parking area, still slowly stroking my semi hard ****.

The next day at work, she was all that I could think about. As soon as the clock hit 4:00, I ran to my car and headed back to the park. As I pulled in, I looked everywhere to see if she was there. After I parked, I began to change my clothes. I had removed my work clothes and put on a t-shirt when I looked up and saw her walking towards my car. My hands were shaking like crazy as I rolled down the window and said hello.

She looked into my car and smiled. She told me that she had finished her walk and was hoping I would show up and entertain her again. I moved the tail of my shirt out of the way and started stroking my hardening ****. She moved closer and leaned in the window a little. I was stroking faster, when she looked me in the eye and asked if she could help. I smiled and said yes. For the next few minutes she and I jerked me off. We stroked slowly at first, but eventually got going faster and faster. I finally looked at her and told her I was about ***. She moved my hand out of the way and stroked faster. I shot several ropes of hot *** on my stomach, her hand and my steering wheel.

She stood up slowly, smiled at me and watched quietly as I cleaned up my mess with a paper towel. After all of the sticky fun was wiped up, she thanked me and started to walk away. I asked her if I would see her tomorrow and she just smiled and walked to her car.

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Great experience lovely description. Do you realise if you ****** her you could do it skin to skin with no risk of her getting pregnant.

Wow I know this was old story. But still a very nice read. Thanks for sharing.

no problem. love rereading it myself

Anymore experiences like that?

A few. Message me.

Intensely hot story


I have lots of fun things at theme parks!!

WOW. That was an incredibly erotic adventure! How many times have you had this sort of rendezvous with her since then.

just a few.

Wow what a great story. I love pregnant women. I have stroked at a local park occasionally but I've never been lucky enough to find a woman interested in watching.

Great story, I jacked off in front of my sister once but I believe that was the only time in front of a girl I have come a few times when a woman was watching me expose myself. My most memorable time was on a slide with my kids, you can read about it in my stories.

I love jacking in the park too. Also I don't know of many things sexier than a pregnant woman. What an awesome experience.

Mmmm great story

What an experience!

Sounds like you both had a great time. I should have been there to watch!

Awsome story!!