Natural In Nature!

I love being in the woods, far away from civilization, away from the rest of the world. I know of places in northern Manitoba where you and your girlfriend can walk around naked for days and nobody will see you! And I know this for fact! It's awesome to be able to get up in the morning not get dressed and go to the lake for a swim with a naked woman with you and hanging out all day like that. It was great to be able to pull her in for a hug and feel skin on skin contact in the warmth of the sun!
slimmmerman slimmmerman
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Love it. Glad you and GF can enjoy nature. The only problem is that so many up tight people exist so that many of us have to hide in some remote corner of the earth. Carpe Diem.

I love hiding in those remote corner's of the earth especially if I have someone to hide with!