Bathing In The Creek

I lived off the grid for a while with no water or electricity. The house was beside a creek, which is where I washed dishes, and myself. In warm weather I would walk from my house to the creek completely naked, stretching and enjoying the feel of the sun on my skin. I was in the woods, nobody would see me unless they were lost hunters or hikers. The creek was cold but refreshing. One day, I know some people saw me. They were frozen in their tracks, watching me, hoping I hadn't noticed the sound of a snapping twig. I had, but I pretended otherwise. I made a real show of bending over to wash my feet, leaving them a view of my *** and ***** as I washed. Then turned around to let them watch water dribble across my breasts, with nipples hard as rocks from the cold water. I got my towel and dried off as sexily as I could, and sauntered back to the house naked. I don't know what happened to the people in the woods, but I hope they enjoyed the show.
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7 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Sounds like alot of fun

<p>Sounds like a very good way to live. I also live out of town and go naked in the woods all summer. My neighbors see me from time to time, and nobody complains. Naked in the wood is just green and natural. Carpe Diem!</P>

It sounds like the experience was probably enjoyable for all concerned.

Oh, I bet they enjoyed it very much!

You are a big tease.

Sometimes I tease, sometimes I deliver. ;)

I would not mind either way. Both would be hot LOL

I bet they enjoyed the show, and who knows what else they did afterwards.