The summer I turned 16 my family had made the decision to basically be home nudist's. The next summer, on one of our many camping trips, which were unfortunately clothed, we went way up into the back country of Colorado, which was still quite populated, even though we were miles from anything. One day my parents had to take the two hour drive down to town to pick up a few things so myself, my brother and my sister were left at the campsite and I had told my parents we would go for a little hike while they were gone. After they were clear out of site we set off, fully clothed, just the three of us. I was 17, my brother 16, and my sister 15. Once we got about 30 yards inside the treeline I unbuttoned my blouse and took it off and hung it on a limb nearby, my siblings were not in shock because I was left standing in my bra but because our parents said we were to stay clothed this trip. I turned around and kept walking and before I knew it my sister had followed my lead and taken off her shirt along with my brother. After about three more minutes I slipped out of my pants had threw them up into a tree nearby, as did my siblings. There we were, us girls in a sports bra, boy shorts, and hiking boots, and my brother in boxer shorts and hiking boots. We walked a little longer and to their surprise I did not remove any other garments. We kept walking and eventually reached the small lake I had earlier spotted on the map and I turned around and motioned for them to hurry up as they were lagging behind at the time. When they got to lake they admired it and my sister said it was a real shame that we couldn't go for a swim because we had forgotten our swim gear at camp, this is when I untied my boots slipped them and my socks off to feel the sandy beach with my toes. Then I unlatched my bra, let it slip from my shoulders and fall to the ground, I then turned around pulled my boy shorts down to the ground and bent over to take them off exposing my butt to the two of them. My sister had caught on and was nude before I was, but my brother was very reluctant to *****, so my sister and I tackled him and took his boots off first, then he said that he wasn't sure about the whole idea, so naturally we held him down and pulled his shorts down. There we were, three kids, fully nude, on the shore of a beautiful high mountain lake. After about an hour of swimming and horsing around we got out and laid on the sand for awhile I slipped my boots back on, not even bothering with socks and told them to come on, they had both followed my lead again and my brother had once again warmed up to the nudity. I then stood up and started walking down the hill leaving my underwear on the beach, my brother asked about it and I told him "let someone's imagination have a work out" and so we walked in silence until we neared where our other clothes were. It was so exciting walking in the middle of the Colorado Rockies with nothing but hiking boots on, breast's, penis's, vagina's in plain sight. As we neared where our pants were hung my brother stated that we threw them up in the trees and could not get them down and I told him it was all in the plan, so we grabbed our shirts, put them on and kept walking. My sister's shirt came down to the top of her bush so it was painfully obvious that she had not clothing on below the waste mine barely met my belly button so I was thrilled I was completely shave below the waste because from a distance I could have a nude colored bottom on. My brothers t-shirt did come down to the middle of his pubic area but his penis hung down another three inches so he was obvious too. We left the cover of the trees to walk 300 yards across the meadow to our campsite. I could see our parents had not gotten back yet so my brother was very relieved but my sister and I did not care. When we returned my brother dashed into the tent to find some pants but my sister and I just had a seat in our chair sand waited for our parents. When they finally returned my mom came over too us and said we needed to put pants on but I told her that she had not even known we were bottomless until she was five feet away and she agreed so no more pants for the rest of the trip.
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Well done.