I'm nude in my yard right now. I love being nude outside. I wish my neighbors were ok with it so I could do it during the day. Why are so many people offended by a nude body? Yes that's my penis you've probably seen one before.
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4 Responses Aug 22, 2014

I walk nude in my house all the time. I have been in my yard nude a few times. I believe my neighbors have seen me since I stand at the patio door nude to let my dogs in and out. They have never said anything to me about it.

Naked has been an evolutionary advantage for thousands of generations of human ancestors. That's why we have no fur.

Have your neighbors seen you naked and complained? Don't make assumptions unless they have objected.

I'm nude, having a cigarette on my balcony. I agree with you other than I'm afraid it wouldn't be as liberating if everyone was ok with being nude.

I understand but I really would love to not get dressed. I want to spend the day nude. I want to go to the store to get coffee with my d hanging out and feel the breeze on my package. I want to see other people walk by with there v or d just out. I really hate dealing with clothes. Such a waste of time and money.

So very true!