Scared Of Taking Pictures...

I and some people consider me as a Photographer, the Truth is God knows... I am obsessed with taking pictures no matter what and no matter how. My passion of taking pictures took me very strange incidents at times.
I love babies and taking picture is my most loved hobby, this is a story when I was in London when once I was travelling by bus and I saw a cute baby in a trolley which took my attention and I couldn't resist myself to take my eyes off... I don't know why but out of my excitement I took my cell as I was not carrying my camera that day, I turn the camera on in my cell phone and clicked the baby.
That was not enough but the story starts when one girl who was watching me during this and she started asking me questions like why the hell I took picture of this baby.... she was very annoyed ( of course kettle is hotter than the coffee ! ) I had no answer for her questions, I was keep on telling like if you want i can delete this picture and I thought she was angry with some reason and showing her frustration unto me with no reason. I know I should not take picture without permission but I did it, now what ???
After so many arguements, one gentleman helped me and told that he does the same if he like a baby and let me out of this, I just thanked him very quickly and get off the bus on the next stop...
Hell, of an experience which I can not forget, I wanted to meet her and explain her in next meeting but I forgot to remember her face as I was literally scared like I commit a crime..... Damn...!!!
Aetiyuel Aetiyuel
31-35, M
1 Response May 5, 2011

some times you are just caught in the moment but if the experience has tough you anything next time just ask the baby's mum/dad...ect..... if they taking a picture because got to say if someone just took a picture of my kids I wouldn't be happy lol

Of course I do understand this but out of my excitement and curiosity I made a mistake which led me to a big trouble...LOL.

we all learn from our mistakes but don't let it put you off taking your photo's