Right Of Passage

   My story of photo taking stretches back to when i was a school kid. It was like i had to break through the thought that taking pictures was an adult thing and could only be performed by those who had broken thru the youth barrier into early adulthood. It was like an act of maturity only permitted to parents that handled such complicated and expensive marvels of human civilization. In my mind it was a no go area for kids. This was backed up by the sheer expense and adult communicative skills needed to even figure out the complexities of getting the film developed and printed by a chemist or photography shop. I sure must of had a poor understanding of life in my tender years, and dammit all those early experiences i could of captured if only someone had sat down with me and explained that i was an equal human in society and i didn't require some mysterious adult only qualification to operate a camera.
lafsnack lafsnack
51-55, M
May 17, 2012