I also really like to take photos. My subjects are almost generally non-human though. Probably because I have an intense dislike of my own photo being taken, I wouldn't want to be out there taking photos of people who don't like it.

This does limit my subject matter, but there's plenty of other stuff to take photos of. Ever since I took the plunge and bought a digital SLR, I've been enjoying taking out-of-focus and poorly exposed photos all over the place! (It's true, there's something to be said for leaving the camera in auto-mode rather than continuously setting up for each shot).

I do recommend a dSLR to anyone who enjoys their photography though, especially when those people who look at a photo and wonder why things didn't come out quite the way they'd hoped. There's a definite learning curve to using a dSLR but you do end up with so much more control over the way your photos look, and along the way you learn what makes some photos look boring and dull.

I'm slowly working through a great book on photography, and for people who've never taken a course or read about the subject, it's the sort of thing where learning even just the smallest thing can make all the difference in the world.

Happy snapping, everyone! :D
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Have you ever worked with a film camera? I've always liked taking pictures but much more than that I love developing in the dark room. There's nothing better than loosing complete track of time in the dark surrounded by chemicals. You start at noon, print three pictures, get them just right, go back outside and realize it's three in the morning and someone has egged your car. It's wonderful.

I got a DSLR about 6 mo ago, and I have to admit that I still have no idea how to use it in fully manual mode. I just put it into program (so I can choose where its focusing) and let it figure out the rest. Though I think that I may be inspired to go play with manual mode a little more :-). And maybe find the manual again ;-P