Camera Crazy...

Everyone who knows me knows I love taking and having pictures of everyone and everything. I have a digital camera that on average has at least 1500 pics free for me to take and on top of that I have extra memory in my phone so that just in case I don't have a camera my phone can take the pic and has the memory to store it.

No matter where I'm going or who I'm with I bring a camera and I always take tons of pictures. I've also had tons of people tell me I have an eye for taking them as well. Infact I recently went on a trip with my friend and her family and I took a ton of pictures. Later I made a CD of my pictures for my friend...she kept commenting on what good pics they were and I found out that she had 2 of them blown up and framed and now displays them in her house. Cool huh. So I've always been told I'm good at taking them. Which I guess it good since I take so many lol

pepsi21addict pepsi21addict
22-25, F
Jul 13, 2007