Love Taking Picture of Nature

I love taking pictures of nature and i must say its hard some times specially when you are trying to get a small bird or animal. ha ha. holding your breath trying to wait for the perfect shot then bam you sneeze, haha!

i took photography in grade school and in college but my love is still strong. i gotten more into photo shop with the pictures with makes it easier but its still fun.

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3 Responses Feb 13, 2009

PS is great, but you need to get a good picture first and then make it a great pic with PS

I love to take pictures of nature too. I almost always have a camera with me..... My dream is to have a great Digital SLR with a couple of great lenses like my old Minolta X-7! I have thousands and thousands of pictures!

I don't try to take pictures of birds specifically, but there have been a few times when out hiking that I have found a really interesting bird. The its trying to move to compose the shots, and get the branch out of the way, while trying not to make any noise. Its not as easy as you think! lol<br />
What kind of camera do you use? You should post some of your pictures :-)