Want to learn photography ...wish any one could help ... :
Zarina23 Zarina23
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How can I help you?

Im a self thought for the past 7 years.. Im more than happy to help you.. Ask me anything about photography.. Im pretty sure i can answer it..

You could always take lessons, or search for some information on the internet? And anyway, the way to learn something, is to do it. Just experiment a bit, you mind end up with some pretty nice photos.

Get a camera and take pictures.

Ask me any questions you have.

I want to know abt lens ....

What do you plan on shooting ?.

Sun rising

With sunrises and sunsets it is better to be there at least 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after when the sun is below the horizon. That is when you catch the "alpen glow" or when the sun lights up the clouds with the most beautiful colors of the rainbow. Lighting is the most important thing in photography, never look directly at the sun and always try to keep man made things out of your shots.

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