This is another picture I took. This one gives me such a weird feeling. :)
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The combination of curved and angular shape, language other than English, and blurred background sets this one off. Yes very energetic and unsettling perhaps because the lines rise to the point and up to the right like projecting the eye to take flight into the dark undefined sky between the clouds. And the darkness seeping in from the bottom right corner. Love the story this one is unveiling in my mind.

Good decombination. Thank you :)



Wow. Very cool. Reminds me of a picture I saw by A. Morrell.

Thanks my friend :)

What is it suppose to be or about?

I didn't get?



Very nice

Thank you :)


Nice, it makes me want to think about it:)

Send me a selfie


Thank you :)


Nice pic! What language is the book?

Thanks! It's Turkish :)

It is a perfect picture you took good job

Thank you ☺️

The picture is that good you could be a professional photogether

I would like to be, someday, maybe ☺️

What language is that ?

Turkish :)

It's Perf girl😱👏👌

Thanks ☺️☺️