A beautiful camomile by me
spacemonkeyea spacemonkeyea
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Wow. Very nice. :)

Thank you :))

for a girl who likes to take pics u have none of ur self ?? I bet ur a fake account ?/

That's rude, some people don't like taking selfies. Rude, sorry, but extreme rudeness level.

I don't see how u posted u like taking pics just speaking my mind..this is the place for it if im not mistaken ??

Well yes, but maybe don't be so outright about it.

well I wont say sorry for speaking my mind..lol but I will say sorry cause im all about speaking ur mind and I know some people cant handle it..

not ur mind my mind..lol sorry drinking :)

I can easily handle it, but I dislike rude people. And drunk people.

cant help it hehe :)o
I spreak my mind either people like me or they don't and im ok with that :)


You are free to speak your mind but you don't have to type your thoughts here you know

Haha ridiculous. I would share lots of photos of a beautiful girl if I were fake. I don't have to prove anything anyway. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

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