I Do !

I'ts true , i really do ! And sometimes i even say things i shouldn't say to anyone , but i say it to them any way , just cause i can't hold it in any longer .. ya that's a bad thing , but sometimes , i can't really help it !
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well .. maybe that's true ..<br />
I am sorta' a prove of it -_- !

and because my cleverness as well , I improve it ..lol.<br />
<br />
in fact I wasn't able to write anything before I find EP , EP is my school now ..lol.<br />
<br />
I hate studing it is too boring and I forget what I have studied so fast ...not like using EP ...it is not boring so it stuck in my mind ..lol. <br />
<br />
by the way girls are better than boy in learning languages (:o

well I'm glad you're learning .. English isn't my mother language as well .. but thanks to sites like this one , and of course .. ( my own cleverness :P ) , I was able to improve my language .. and even "slang language" .. just practice , it is the key to mastering any language I think :) ..

because English is not my first language ..and many stories are confusing for me , epecially when they write without Grammar or with bad spelling , becuae google can't translate them for me .lol.my first time in EP I saw a group named (I am a gay )I said Ok , I am a gay as well let's join it ....then I noticed that word *gay* wasn't *guy* and I am a guy not gay ...then I just changed my mind and got off from that group .loool.there are still many stories that I can't understand , but I am much better now , that's all ;)

lol .. I talk a lot and most of the time I do lose their ears , but oh, well .. :/ <br />
<br />
why don't you understand the stories here ?

LOL, I talk too much as well , but I always try to be polite as much as I can , I don't want to lose their ears ,lol. <br />
I wish if I can understand almost stories here in EP , unfortunately I can't , so I don't comment on most of them ..lol.