It Makes Me Smile

I don't why exactly but I enjoy imitating my Mom's accent (even though she moved here from Japan 50+ years ago she still has the whole subject/verb and L sounds like R thing going on)...and saying the things she says ("Oh, you think looks good, but kind of free show" when I'm dressed kinda slutty) for my friends. It's not done in an insulting or mocking way. It's more fun to do for friends that have heard my Mom's little quips ("Don't tell me like that one...I don't want to hear like that one!") and comment on how well I imitate her.

I also like to do British accents with british slang...which looks pretty silly coming from an Asian girl! :D 



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3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

haha! Andrew, I do that too, but not so much with Punjabi as I haven't had that exposure. But I do tend to slip into whatever I hear. My family will get embarrassed and point it out as they jab me in the guts.<br />
<br />
Still, I do enjoy wearing a Russian or British accent. ;)

You are toooo funny, friend! :D Clever, clever boy, you are. You know a good sense of humor is the best aphrodisiac! ;)

Petition for TG to put up the pics that her "Mom" was commenting on starts here:<br />
1. GA.