I Had to Join a Support Group

I like to talk soooo much that I finally joined a support group for this "problem" -- Toastmasters International!!!  Every week I get to go to this great meeting with other people who really like to talk and for an hour we listen to each other talk about all kinds of things.

They even give me awards for talking!  Hurray!  :)

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2 Responses Oct 17, 2008

Its good that one of us likes to talk. I'm told that I speak well and have great diction and such... but I hate to speak in public. How do you do it?

I was under the impression that Toastmasters was...<br />
<br />
Dang. It's a cover for the Secret Dirty Loquacious among us! Who knew??!! (bless em!)<br />
<br />
Hey, if you want a little thing-a-migeebee-award for a web site/blog so that you can proudly represent your ability to talk (grins)...give me a hollar. :)