Sex On the First Date, Ummm Meeting???

Surprise,  surprise...I went to a concert last weekend with my brother.  As soon as  I walked onto the field  a guy caught my eye.  Exactly my type,  6',  average  body, blue eyes, really great looking. We looked at each other, and I told my brother to go for a walk. He was engaged in  conversation,  he was with a group of people, so I positioned myself  in an  ap[rochable spot, and waited. He didn't come over! He didn't even seem to notice me! I am not used to this. Through the first show I kept looking, nothing. After the show I went to the bathroom, when I came back he was staring at me and I at him. We kept focused on each other and I walked to him and said, hi. He said how are you? I said good, he said are you with that guy and I said, he's my brother. He smiled broadly and said good. My brother came over and we all talked during the next show. He knew everyone who walked by, I told him he was like the mayor. I like a sociable guy, oh and he plays he has his own friends and interests, I like that. I hate needy men. After the show he invited us to go with his friends to a near by bar. My brother told me he would only stay for a drink. We talked and after a while it was time for my brother to get going, guy...Steve said if I wanted to stay he'd drive me home. I told my brother and he said okay. I said do you feel safe with me going home with him? He said yeah, he seems like a good guy. I felt safe too.  We drove to my house shortly there after. We went in and kissed (oh yeah, he could kiss!), I could feel his hardness pressing against me, oh I wanted him. I asked if he had condoms, he didn't...he promptly ran to the convenience store and bought some. I lit candles and threw my dirty laundry in the closet! He came back and we kissed and moved upstairs. OMG!!! He was sooo good! He did this humming thing when he went down on me and fingered me. I told him to stop I didn't want to *** yet, but he didn't, oh he made me scream. So ******* good! Then he put on his condom and did me in missionary and doggie. After we went downstairs and I heated up some pizza for him, I was really tired and told him he could come upstairs and lay down if he wanted. He said he'd like to. It was really nice. We snuggled and fell asleep. I woke up in the morning and was happy to see this man next to me. I woke him up at 7:00 and told him he had to go, my mom would be picking me up in a half hour for church. He jumped up, got dressed, gave me a hug and a kiss and asked if I'd like him to call me.....he did! We are going to go out sometime next week. As a guy told me before....what I want I get, it's true! I'll let you know how our next encounter goes!

Vykarious Vykarious
36-40, F
Jul 25, 2007