I absolutely love to talk and text for that matter. I had a conversation with Chris this morning and I thought it may help all of you get a little better perspective on him so forgive me for putting a conversation instead of a story but here it goes. I just wish we could talk to eachother like this all the time...


Me: What r u thinking about?

Chris: U

Me: What about me?

(a common conversation for us but usually he starts it)

Chris: That I dont want u to get hurt

Me: Y do u say that?

Chris: Idk

Me: Yes u do

Chris: Every time we get to see eachother it seems like I hurt u

Me: Chris I love u and i always will. i think we r meant to be together no matter what. if we didn't talk for 6 months again I would still feel the same way. U often confuse me by the way u act and it hurts sometimes when u ignore me and lead me to believe u dont care but u do. I know u do and i know somehow we can work through this. i want u, all of u and i will do whatever u want or need me to do in order to have that. the details dont matter.

Chris: Idk what if it never happens? What if we never get the chance? What if somehow I wake up and decide that maybe I am happy and I'm just being selfish? I want u to be happy. I'm not making any sense. I over think stuff

Me: I over think it to believe me. I've thought of all those posibilities. What if i can never make you happy? What if u find someone totally new? Idk but what i do know is that we will never know if we dont try. For me it is worth the battle...I'm not sure how u feel but i can only hope...U cant worry about me being happy bc even if we were together and that made me happy but you werent happy with it then it wouldnt be right. You have to make yourself happy first.

Chris: Idk I always look at the worst case and it scares me. I know but i dont want to hurt u if we never get the chance again. I dont want to lead u on or myself 

Me: Its good to look at all sides and be in reality but some things never make sense and some things never go the way you want them to. U cant worry about it. Above all I want u to be happy. If it turns out that u dont want to be with me thats ok. I am strong enough to deal with that. I just mention your gf a lot because from what you say ur not happy with her. People try to tell u to be happy but ur not and thats ok. dont listen to them or me. listen to urself. Dont end up 20 years down the road wishing u did something different

Chris: i know


I love how I always have conversations with him and then 20 minutes later I wish I would have said so much more or less. Either way I hope this helps.

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This was a creative way to express a story! I like it! Best of luck with you and Chris!