Well... I Used to Anyways.

I feel like I have nothing to say anymore.  Ever since moving away to school and trying to survive in a whole new strange circle of people... I feel like I lost my ability to socialize, to make small talk.  Until two years ago, I had spent the better part of 10 years surrounded by the same group of friends... we didn't BOTHER with small talk, we were always open and blunt and honest.  Then we all went our own ways and now I don't know how to talk to them anymore, much less someone totally new.  I reveal too much, or I'm too blunt, and then I stop talking and I come across as aloof... I don't know how to win.
Chanteuse1984 Chanteuse1984
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 15, 2007

I hope you find a new group of friends. And hey, you can be as blunt as you want here!