Thanks to My Parents....

You know I have always liked to talk and I am very close to my parents.  They were home a lot when I was growing up and I would always come home from school and just talk their ears off.  I find myself, usually an extrovert, even more chatty around them.  It's funny how their unconditional love for me translates into unconditional interest in the lyrics of the latest rap song (despite my mom's dislike of rap) and the latest shoes my best friend bought (when my father has bought 5 pairs of the same model of shoe over the last 20 years). 

I just want to give it up for people who make you feel like you can talk for ages and will always have an audience who cares about everything you say. 
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2 Responses Feb 7, 2007

I had a good relationship with my family too. Most of my fondest memories are with them. That is why I am so different at home than around others.