What All Girls Camp Teaches You

I shot for the first time when I was ten years old at all girl sleep away summer camp. I had been a star at the archery range and looked down upon the guns. Until I pulled the trigger for the first time. The adrenaline ran through my veins. After five shots there were three little tears on the paper. Two were on the very outside but one had gone right through the center. I was hooked.

I stopped shooting when I got too old for camp, but I would seize the opportunity to do it again. I've always been anti-war/anti-violence, and I'd never shoot anything that wasn't paper or clay, but the gun gives me a sense of release that nothing else does.
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1 Response Jun 27, 2007

I know what you mean. I live in the country and I used to skeet shoot with my neighbors. I also go to one of my friend's house every once in a while and we target practice with a variety of differant guns. I agree I wouldn't use guns for violance, but they do get your juices flowing!