I Find It To Be Exciting

Why my own intimate taste is exciting to me is beyond my understanding -- but it is. I am not at all sexually attracted to other women, so I suppose this is a bit strange. But while I am making love to myself or to a man, I find that my own sexual taste is incredibly arousing... I love to taste myself and even smell myself... I love the scent and feel and taste of a man too, but I have to admit that my own taste is even more arousing to me.
SabrinaNYC SabrinaNYC
26-30, F
5 Responses Jul 22, 2010

You just gave me a hardon. Thank you! I also like my own taste, both the sweet precum and the more peppery taste of my actual *****, which is even better when I suck it out of my wife's *****!

I so understand I'm not gay either but the smell of my own penis is so dam arousing to my and the taste of it on my fingures is heaven! I should tell you I'm uncircumcised so like a women I have a smell its wonderful

It's all good! We should all taste each other... and often too! ;)

Wow, me to, as I ********** I scoop up all the precum and lick it up, and when I *** I do it in my hand and lick that up to. I often lick my wife out after ******* in her.

In a hetero man, that would be appropriate,don't you think?