Teasing You

Would you like to join me in a seductive game of tease and lure?
I have been daydreaming about us in person and how alluring I know it would be. Electrical currents seep through my body as my mind even dares to consider it. I can hardly contain my fevered pitches as it is. You drip down your leg as your provocative mind takes you there.... I know you do. You told me so more than once. I was looking back on my letters that you penned so eloquently. I could see the paper blowing in the wind landing in your hands from me.

Do you sense that your tempest is raging? That the tempest inside dares to blow through your heart's chambers releasing you from any residual chains that bar you. I know what I feel upon the tempest. I feel you inside my mind.You are beguiling and coaxing me to send kisses to you as you feel your stiffened **** inside the palm of your hand. A game of cat and mouse would be almost too hot between us.

Who would dive into our combined drippings first and lavish them up? You love red and I plan on dazzling and seducing you in something sheer and exotic in scarlet red that is most pleasing to you.Do you think you could keep "hands off" as I painstakingly reveal my folded flower underneath my cami. Or my sweet bard would you pin me to the wall and ravage my hot candy and beg for me to dance. I am so ripe for you now I am bulging through my fingertips that play this delicate yet raging song and playfully pet and stroke my healthy lips.

When I seduce you in person I plan to make sweat form upon your brow, your heart to pound with desire in your chest as you long to flick every nuance and crevice before your mysterious eyes.

Of course you are not above teasing my flaming inner and outer folds
in between the legs that will wrap around you tightly when you are ******* me. I will recite you a poem inside a poem while you gaze at my love patch:

Your essence is
Your fervor
it simply caresses.
Your elegance
makes my heart to skip
your spirituality makes my soul
turn joyful flips.
Your quietness
makes my tempest blow.
Your peaceful brushes
come with the.wind that
we both await to blow.
Your tender nudges and knowing eyes
caught this fiery woman by surprise.
You caused me to fall into something with you
that I have never seen or known to be true.
Your shadow
is my handsome stranger
Your mystery is my exciting danger.
My fire is your temptation.
Your seduction
is my elation.
My flesh
is your creme brulee.
My tomorrows
are your hopes today.
Your face
is my morning rain
my hair is your
red hot mane.
Your smile
makes mine show all day.
My dance
it takes your breath away.
DesiSlave22 DesiSlave22
26-30, F
11 Responses May 27, 2012

You have perfected the art of seduction! My desire is raging!

WOW! Mind blowing seduction...love it.

when I am between your legs either giving you head of *******, the songs will flow in our bodies by itself your mind and body will be in ultimate whelm of passion n your senses would be riding high in the universe will have no time to recite a poem because every pore of body will be filled with luv n recite a song of pleasure. Wanna experience it be my slave for a night.

Consider me teased!

Love the slave's desire to please.. her erotic hunger.. her animal need. Your hunger translates into thought and word making my **** strain ever tighter to get out. I would love to see you dressed in suductive red, taunting, teasing, being both ***** and seductress at once. Making one's body and mind drawn to you. Well put.. most worthy slave..

WOW!!! that is awesome id love to seduce you


luv your poetic seduction. So hot to feel the sensuality that you put into this. Are you a slave? Is your master good to you? Your words are so teasing, so tempting - and your pics are so inviting. Sure would love to play with you and taste you and feel you - ahhh.

I'm glad you like it!! Yes I am a slave and my Master is the best person I could ever wish for!!

Perfect! I'm not sure I understand the exact nature of Master/slave relationship, but I'm so glad he gives you the freedom to express yourself her on EP. Perhaps he insists that you do so. I really like your poetic approach to sensuality, it touches on feelings that just laying it out there in regular words could not accomplish. Happy teasing!!!

I am dripping with awe admiration and love of your teasing.I love being teased out of my mind..its a hot and the supreme experience:)

I'm glad I could do that for you!!

Wow, sexual and well written. Loved it.

Thank you!!

sounds seductively eloquent